Singleness is a blessing

I want to acknowledge this, right at this moment.  There is nothing wrong with being single.  It is not a disease.  It is not because one is ugly or undesirable.  One can be blessed whether she’s single or married.  So if I am meant for singleness, I can fully embrace this without feeling that I am missing out on life.

My point in writing this is to acknowledge that there is nothing to be afraid of if I am to remain single.

There are so many benefits to being single that married people don’t have.  But I know that there are many benefits to be married that singleness cannot offer.  And I think what needs to be done here is to accept the limitations of whatever status you are in.  That way you won’t envy or long for what you are not allowed to have.

Sex is one of the things that single people cannot have.  Anything to do with sex.  Single people to be fully blessed should not even try to have it because sex is a gift from God only for married people.  To tamper with it when you’re not meant to have it can destroy you.  It can make you feel down and long for someone.  Married people needs it–God made it that way–for reproduction, a glue like a special bond for married couple.  The earlier you accept this, the easier it will be.  That is part of the deal.

Whether I remain single or get married, I know I will be okay.  🙂