I have finally worked out a plan on how to go about my calorie restriction.  And it involves healthy, real food. 🙂  However, for the past few weeks, I have been stress eating.  That was why last night I really had to sit down and work out my menu for the following months or else my clothes/dress wouldn’t fit me and I wouldn’t have anything pretty to wear on my cousin’s wedding.

2014-03-05 13.07.07


The best lunch/dinner I’ve had here so far.  With the barbecue parties I’ve been at here, I have learned to appreciate the different salads that go well with sausage (snag) and steak (barbecue).  But if I were to do it, if I wouldn’t cook rice, I would just boil or microwave potato and sweet potato and that’s it–substitutes for rice.

I’ve also discovered that canned pineapples and sweet corn are available here.  So all is well.


I was about to go walking after work.  But it rained hard.  This town really needed rain so I should not complain even if I got soaked so I had to change clothes immediately.  Anyway, I got inspired watching the Biggest Loser on tv.  I’m still continuing on with my calorie restriction and trying to eat healthier.  I am just finishing on my last cup of jasmine rice.  I bought potato, sweet potato, fruit juices, and bananas.  They were the cheaper ones at the grocery.

I also saw the football field in this town and I thought about running.  But of course knowing my body, I have to load up on multivitamins and calcium.  I’ll give it a few weeks, even if it’s already autumn.  I will still go running once I get more confident with my calcium intake.  For now, I will stick to walking and who knows, maybe next week I might do tennis. 🙂

2014-02-27 20.35.00


This is the place I am staying here.  Inside I don’t feel like I am in a rural area.  It feels like living in a city.  I thank God for this opportunity.  This is really a different season in my life.  I pray that I will make the best of this season in my life. 🙂