Two Status

Thinking about my lovelife or the lack thereof, I opened my FB homepage. I saw status from 2 ladies. The first one was about how she was leisurely walking and looking up then she saw some artworks. Enjoying it, she took pictures and posted on FB. She’s obviously very happy. And I know why.

The next status was just pictures of people with this lady. This lady is charming, attractive to boys. In the picture, she was drinking with friends. This lady was in a relationship but she was still married. So she could not marry her bf yet.

A question entered my mind. Which of these example would I choose to follow?

The first one followed and surrendered her lovelife to God. There were struggles but she let God take hold of her heart. The result is a beautiful, better than ever love life. I learned that surrender and obedience to God yield the best result. She had to wait but it was worth it.

The second one followed herself. What she wants. She has drawn her security from the affection and attention of the opposite sex. She didn’t really want what happened to her. She was just a victim of circumstances. She’s in love but she could not just marry him.

The obvious choice would be the first one. Surrendering and obeying God with our lovelife require grace from God to endure the wait. To stand God’s refining fire. God will always be there ready to help us when we ask Him to and even if we don’t ask Him. He’s there ready to protect and guard our hearts and to burn all the impurities of our lives. We can rest in the truth that God will give us what is best for us and when it is from God, there will be peace. 🙂


Opening my heart to someone is really scary.  That is why it should be heavily guarded.  But same is true with the mind.  So we should guard it, too.

Never let me go astray

Let me rest in Your presence

The world is harsh

My heart deceived

My mind running wild

Don’t want to listen to them anymore

Just want to listen to your voice

In Your presence I am at peace

I am loved

I feel fine

I am safe

Don’t let me insist my own way anymore

Give me the grace to listen and obey You at all times

God I am tired

Let me rest in Your presence

You are still way better than any of this

I will be forever Yours

That has been my prayer and thoughts these past few days.