My Mocha Recipe

I only get to prepare and drink coffee during my rest days because it takes a lot of time to do. But I love the process of making coffee–french press, drip, or just simply adding milk in it. It’s fancy and a privilege–reminding me that life is beautiful. Coffee is always about mornings and new beginnings, which means hope. Or night-time and deadlines which means working for something that makes life better, which, again, means hope. Coffee ads are very effective in driving this message across. Coffee vlogs romanticize it even further–with the aesthetic mugs, kettle and how pretty the milk mixes with coffee. I am totally sold.

I don’t drink coffee every day of my rest days, just when I’m in the mood for it. Yesterday, I was in the mood so I boiled water in my “traditional” kettle (electric kettle doesn’t last on me), got a teaspoonful of the Starbucks instant coffee (medium roast but tastes like dark), with two sugars. I also used Uncle Tobys oat milk which I bought months ago. The result was surprisingly good. Oat milk is definitely worth the hype. I’ve tried lactose-free milk, soy milk, almond milk for my coffee, but so far, oat milk tastes the best among them. It makes the coffee tastes sweeter.

This morning, after going to get my booster COVID vaccine dose, I decided to do an iced coffee, using the same ingredients. However, as I was preparing the coffee powder and 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar while waiting for the water to boil, my eyes went to the box of Mork dark chocolate. I bought this a few months back, enjoyed it so much but for some reason (sheer laziness), I could never bring myself to prepare a hot chocolate. Here it was, staring at me, asking when I would use it again. Remembering the coffee vlog I watched yesterday about making mocha, I told myself, why not use it today. So I reached for it, add 3 teaspoonfuls of the dark chocolate powder into the mix, added hot water. Mix them all until dissolved then pour the mixture over my SB Christmas tumbler full of ice. And then I added oat milk to fill. The result was amazing! I love it. It is now going to be my mocha recipe.

More about the Mork chocolate powder, I bought this from Mork’s online shop. They are based in Melbourne. I first saw them on IG when my cousins posted how they drink the Mork chocolate. Mork created a buzz in Melbourne. Everyone loves a good show. I got curious. I wanted to try it for myself but whenever I go to Melbourne, no one is available to take me. I tried to go there on my own but I couldn’t find the actual store or their store was closed already (whenever I’d attempt to go) or it was closed on the day that I could go. Anyway, I did find another shop that used Mork for their hot choco. I ordered the 80% hot choco and it was too strong for me. I should have ordered a weaker one. It smelled so good though so I had to give it another shot. A few months ago, I googled if Mork has an online shop, it has so I had to order several boxes of the junior dark (50%) to give to friends and for personal consumption. FYI, I love hot chocolates more than I love coffee. It’s iced tea>dark hot chocolate>coffee for me. I did well with this purchase. It is how I expected it to be. The taste is on point. I’ve tried several hot choco and Mork is definitely one of the best ones.

The first time I tried oat milk, it was a disaster so I tried to stay away from it. However, during one of my grocery runs, I saw the Uncle Tobys oat milk on display. They look so appealing. Maybe it’s the brown-coloured oat milk font in flesh-coloured background that drew me to it, so I ended up buying it. It went straight on top of my fridge and stayed there for a few months until yesterday, when I finally decided to give oat milk another try. I’m glad I did. It was so good with coffee. Good thing as well, I felt fine after drinking it with my coffee so I guess oat milk is gonna be my staple milk for my coffee from now on.

So yeah, the point is, I’m really happy with my new discovery. 🙂


I am gonna live in one of the pretty apartments around this area soon. I am declaring it.



Look how pretty this place is. 🙂


Supposed to be similar with BayWalk. Are there similarities?



Pretty buildings. Now I know how to go to Etihad Stadium to watch live “footy” games.



I just gotta have faith. 🙂

The Day

It is someone’s birthday. I never thought that I’d be here already, miles apart from them. I have other expectation.


The sky was clear yesterday as my friend and I, along with her sister walked the nearby park.

We saw people running around Tan Track, just enjoying their sundays. We were enjoying our sunday too. It is just that my feet were already painful.

We also went to Queen Victoria Market where there are lots of cheese, choco, and bread. I love that place. I love bread!

I tried “borek” the spicy lamb one. It was quite spicy but I love the hot bread. But the spices and lamb can do a lot on one’s breath. So be ready to pop in a mint candy after.


The famous American doughnut with jam. Good thing I am not into donuts because the line here was loooong… 🙂


The only flower shop in this market. It’s colorful that is why I asked my friend to take this picture of me with the flowers. 🙂


Melbourne City. So pretty and quite clean. But I think I love it more at night when the old buildings look even more old–ladden with wisdom.

You are going to love me Melbourne. 🙂


I am such a tourist. I never really planned on roaming the city just for the sake of roaming it. I’m on a budget here, remember. 🙂 But I guess God wanted me to be a tourist for a while and enjoy the view.

I went inside this pharmacy and this lady asked me the customer service way. I thought she was Chinese or Malaysian or Australian because of her accent. I was surprised because she suddenly asked me, “Pilipino ka?”

It took me a while to regain from shock.

By God’s grace I have hope here.

Anyway, here are pictures of Flinders Station and the famous buildings here because of their architecture!






I don’t want to flood you with photos so thess would suffice by now.

Funny story. I am not really used to converse in English much more with someone who has an Australian accent, so there were these two volunteers explaining a cause. I went along with it just so I could converse with him to brush up on my english. Then I told him in the end that I am still looking for work. He had that disappointing look but it was okay.

Another is an old couple asked me if I could take their pictures. They were Asian. I guess I look trustworthy and approachable enough. Nice. 🙂

The city is beautiful but I guess it is expensive to live there. I would rather stay in the suburbs.


I attended a party somewhere north. My friend and her sis picked me up from my Aunt’s place. Genius GPS 🙂

There were lots of food! I never thought of taking a picture of them. I was just a guest, it was my first time there and it feels awkward.

Tomorrow I’d try to document my day.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone! 🙂