When you crave for something sour like tomatoes and pickles and onions and cheese (thus the cheeseburger), what nutritional deficiency do you have?

I’ve read that for each blood types, there are specific food for that blood type.  I asked my nutritionist roommate and she told me that it is not true.  I was relieved because most of the food that were not allowed for me were those that I really love–my everyday food.  Just like potato, corn, plantain, orange, wheat.

Back to my cravings, my new favorite is the Baked Ziti of Sbarro with tomato and alfredo sauce.  It’s not too sour but it’s not to creamy.  Then I add a little garlic powder, and lots of chili granules and the result is superb.  Too sweet and too salty just don’t appeal to me right now.  I really hope my body is helping myself to live a healthy life by choosing the food that it needs.

I feel like I want Salsa (the one made up of tomatoes) with all my food right now.  I know it’s going to taste great with fish and rice, or even nachos and cheese, and also meat and rice.  Maybe, according to sources on the web that my liver needs cleansing.  So I’m going to eat dark green food.

I hope to find good food tomorrow. 🙂