Illy Coffee

Finally, I’ve given in and bought this coffee. I am just curious why a lot of vlogs I watch has this brand of coffee. Aside from its cute coffee maker, some of them just use this brand’s ground coffee.

I only drink coffee on my rest days. It is a treat for me. I’ve tried buying coffee from local shops but it wasn’t as good as when I prepare it myself. I used to do the french press method but coffee I made through that makes me dizzy. I tried the drip method and it doesn’t have that effect on me. But with the drip method, I just follow my instinct.

I like my coffee medium with a bit of sweetness.

I used to drink instant coffee. I started drinking as young as 5 or 6. I would even pour it over rice. Then I was introduced to ice blended coffee–mocha is my favorite. The best iced blended mocha I’ve had was at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It has the perfect taste of a mocha for me.

I also drink our local coffee–Batangas coffee or kapeng barako. I used to enjoy the smell of coffee bean being grinded in the market. Batangas coffee has a fruity taste. I love it because its taste is home to me.

Moving to Australia, I got introduced with different kinds of coffee. But I don’t really like milk in my coffee so I only tried long black and mocha (although it still has milk in it). Over the years, I find coffee shop mocha and long black really bitter so I stopped buying coffee from coffee shops.

Moving back to the point of this post, Illy is on the pricey side. I could buy other brands for AU$15 a kilo (half price) but this is around the same price just for 250 g.

It is in a tin can and sealed. I put a few spoonfuls on my filter and add hot water and I could see bubbles. I knew that despite it being in a tin can, and grounded, it is still fresh.

The taste? It is smooth and velvety. Usually, if I leave my filter in my cup it would be too bitter for my liking right away, but this one is just right. I was even able to drink the next cup. It didn’t taste too acidic at all.

Am I going to buy this brand again? Definitely.

If you know any other brand that is better than this let me know. I am curious to try it.