Great Find



I saw this small dining place at RCBC Tower. The place looks cozy and great to study here or just simply talk.

The food is also affordable. I ordered personal size pizza, tuna carbonara, iced tea included for only Php 130.

They also have an array of gelato and its choco ice cream looks enticing. It is relatively expensive considering that a scoop is worth Php 65, more expensive than the pizza.

Good food, affordable price, great ambiance, this is one great place to be.

I would recommend this to you.

Week 1

Several days after gaining back my motivation, it’s time for weight in…I lost 2 lbs!  🙂  Progress! 🙂

It’s always nice to have an ice cold tea 🙂  Get a pitcher of water, 5 kilos of ice tubes, 1 liter Nestea sachet, and drink to your heart’s content 🙂

It looks satisfying, right? 🙂

I went to the supermarket and for some reason, it makes me at peace.  I could imagine movie shot there like the ones I often see in movies.  I enjoyed looking at the vegetables, healthy rice, and meat.  I have a feeling that I’d be able to appreciate veggies more now.  I bought eggplant, carrots, brocolli, baguio beans, and tomatoes. 🙂  The question is, what should I do with them? 🙂

It’s KBS time.  I’m watching My Fair Lady.  Have a nice saturday!!! 🙂