Magnum Truffle

Some 7-11 stores still have this flavor.  Thank God, another heavenly ice cream.  The first time I’ve eaten ice cream which caused me to close my eyes from too much goodness–tastes like heaven was when I tried the Guinduia ice cream of Caramia.  Then this lunch, the truffle flavor was so good.  It has something to do with the choco ice cream.  I nearly ignored the belgian choco coating because the ice cream itself tastes so heavenly.

Anyway, I think I would go to work early tomorrow so I still have time to buy this oh-so-good ice cream bar. 🙂


Two celebrants held their treat at Yakimix, one Thursday afternoon of October.  We were fed and so happy after. 🙂

The leche flan was okay but I can taste more of the vanilla rather than the creaminess of egg, milk, and sugar.

This choco mousse looks so enticing.  At first bite it was so creamy.  I was waiting for that bittersweet taste but it’s just sweet.  I didn’t really enjoy this.

Smokeless grill is what I like.  I like how it looks and I love the food in the photo.  Just be sure that you know when it’s cooked already or not. 🙂

When I had the first bite there, all I could say was, “Ang sarap” (It’s so delicious).  I ate and ate to my stomach’s content.  My stomach is just the size of my fist, it extended until it could but all those yummy food couldn’t fit my stomach anymore, thus this left-over.

But I love the ice cream and gummy worms.  It was worth it.  I would definitely come back here if I have the budget. 🙂


Today, I had my big event.  Coordinating for a research contest in now over.  I can finally get some sleep.  Since last year, I was tasked to take care of a research contest among all of the areas in our department.  We have 3 big satellites which are open 24/7.  It was supposed to be concluded last April but since we were so busy then we decided to move the contest this month.  After all the nervousness, and not knowing whether people will come or not, it was finally done.

Doing an activity like this really needs a lot of teamwork.  Everyone is an important part of the team.  All the criticisms are okay now because we are able to finish an activity like this.

And of course, this has been successful because of God.  Because I lift this activity up to Him.  He made it happen.  Thank You po.

After work, I wanted to treat myself dinner but my stomach was still full and so I just decided to order not so heavy dinner and drink my favorite iced tea.  I’m still addicted to iced tea.  Then I craved for ice cream.  I love the Guinduia gelato from Caramia 🙂  It was raining when I went to the boarding house.

I need to sleep now to be energized 🙂

That’s okie

In my 5 day stay in Bicol, I have realized that I am not that afraid to wear a dress.  Maybe because I know that I am already big and no matter what I wear I would still look big and I can no longer hide the bulge.  I am no longer pleasing anyone but myself.  So that is kinda liberating knowing that I am free now to wear what I want.

I may be big now, but that is okay.  I can be happy anytime anywhere.  I hope God will still make my heart whole enough to love fully all the time and so I can be happy whenever I want to.

I bought Maybelline’s compact powder again.  This is my brand of compact powder.  After  4 months, I finally decided to buy it again because it is the one that suits my skin.

Let’s go back to Bicol topic.  On my last day there I told my roommates that I had no “moments” in Bicol, meaning I had no major realizations or sentimental moments there.  But then a lot of great things happened to me there:

  1. Being acquainted with people.
  2. Bonding with the other pharmacists
  3. Meeting a cute boy at the CWC who was trying to catch some small fish in a man-made lake.  He was talking to me in Bicol-Tagalog-English and I was talking to him in Tagalog.  Whenever I had no idea of what he was talking about, he would translate his Bicol dialect in English.
  4. Riding the row boat with F though I got afraid seeing the seaweeds inside the deep water of that man-made lake
  5. Accidentally attending the Homily.  Hearing the priest’s message to us pharmacists.
  6. Eating a lot
  7. Eating the sili ice cream
  8. Seeing how religious Filipinos are.
  9. Adventure at the airport
  10. Seeing Manila Bay from above
  11. Being reminded of my dream…I still so want it.
  12. Learning the proper way to smile 🙂

All in all, it has been a great experience for me. 🙂



I have read from a friend’s blog about this place where they sell this kind of ice cream–the sili ice cream. Sili is chili pepper. It has been made into ice cream.

I never thought that I would even have the chance to eat this ice cream. But God is good.

1st Colonial Grill is the name of the restaurant where they sell this ice cream. It is in Legaspi Albay.

We ordered pili and sili ice cream. But sili ice cream is the one peculiar.

It tastes like a vanilla at first. Then just when the cold feeling is gone, the spice sets in. Like a wine it soothes the throat. 🙂

If you happen to go to Legaspi Albay to see the Mayon Volcano, do drop by this place.