Over the bump

Ever since I’ve met that challenge, I could not concentrate on anything else.  That is why I have forgotten to control my calories.  But now that it’s over, I have no excuse not to go back to think about my health.

Reasons why I should count:

1.  OW.  I am overweight.  I need to lose some weight because I want to be healthy.

2.  If I eat, no one would try to tell me that I still look awesome.  Haha…but last Friday, I was wearing white jeans and white polo shirt and one of the guys from office greeted me and told me that I look “sexy”.  Now that should not be a compliment but I thought to myself that it was because I have curves. 🙂  A little more weight and instead of curves, I’ll just be round.

3.  I’ve done what should be done.  The next steps are all about letting go, picking up myself, anticipate a brighter future.  I should not be depressed at all.  The best is yet to come.

4.  Everybody else is getting married, having a boyfriend, and losing weight.  I may not have a love life right now but at least I could try to control what I eat.

5.  I like myself again.  I love myself and I still like what I look like.  I love myself.

6.  New blogs.  I have found great blogs to read.

7.  Training for Victory.  I’m gonna be entering another step towards my spiritual growth.  I hope I grow in faith and biblical truth through this.

Hopefully I will be as thin as this again 🙂

Happy Mee

It’s that time when I wanted to wake up early and when I looked at my phone to see the time it was already 5:50am!!!  And so I immediately took a bath and went to the bus terminal.  There was no way I would be able to arrive at work on time.  I just slept at the bus.

I wanted this phone which is quite affordable with Plan 299.  It’s an android/google phone.  But then the battery life is poor.  Moreover, I don’t want another number.  If it’s possible I’d just have one number.  3 numbers are too much to handle for me.

That was why I got frustrated and exhausted that I rebelled against myself and I ATE A LOT.  But I have to forgive myself.  I think I may have attained a healthy BMI but I’m not really sure.  I’d only be sure if I am 2 pounds lighter than my upper limit for a healthy BMI.

I love this photo of me taken by my sister…I was excited to eat this instant noodle that she cooked for me.  This bowl contained 2 packs of instant noodles and 2 eggs.  I thought I could finish the whole thing, but then I realized that my metabolism was that slow…or maybe my metabolism is slow and I eat way too much.  Hehe 🙂

Another Day


Another day conquered.  I am able to control what I eat.  Thank God for giving me the strength not to think too much of all the yummy foods.  However, I did crave for tuna sandwich.  But what I had in mind exactly is the Century Tuna Bangus in Fillet Spanish style in which the sauce is spicy.  E and I bought crack pandesal from French Baker.  It was a nice dinner.  Satisfying. 🙂

Breakfast, I had the usual choco sandwich but freshly cooked corn was available and so I bought one ear.  Consumed it in less than 10 minutes I think.  It was sweet and satisfying.

Lunch, I bought an iced tea and a double choco chip cookie.  The big one.

I have thought of walking along Baywalk just to start my exercise (one small step at a time…) but then exhaustion won over.  I didn’t even know why I felt so exhausted when all I did all day was sit in front of my computer and read about stuff.  But then a miracle–sort of happened.  When I arrived at my boarding house, I rested for a while.  When I finally went inside the bathroom, I was doing my evening routine when I realized that there was no tumbler for my pail of water.  Good thing, our bathroom also had shower spout.  I used the shower instead but if I have a choice, I’d use the tumbler and pail when taking a bath.  The water sufficed.  And after taking a bath, I was so refreshed.  Like my exhaustion was gone and my back didn’t ache a bit while I was taking a bath.  I even enjoyed it.  Reason why I use the word enjoy is because it is cold here in the Philippines.  For some reason, it’s March now and it’s supposed to be humid already but it’s still cold like it is Christmas season still.  And taking a bath, with no warm water, is torture.


I decided to eat a lot at breakfast last Friday.  Because of that, I was still not hungry at lunch so I skipped it.  When I was finally hungry, I wanted something from Gotohaus, a restaurant selling congee that is owned by a former employee of our company/workplace.  Gotohaus not only sell congee but also pansit canton (fried noodle) and other kinds of noodles.  According to my senior, the pansit canton there is delicious.  I got curious and so I wanted to try it.  I ordered that but the delivery man bought a different kind of noodle.

Now one thing about me is that when it comes to food, I want mine to be exactly as I want them.   In a fastfood, when I say drumstick, I want drumstick.  If they don’t have it, I go to other fastfood.  I can go to great lengths just to get the food that I want.  That is how I am with food.  That when I want this particular brand, I would walk the distance to eat what I want and just so I could save time, I would eat while walking as long as I’m eating/drinking what I want. 🙂

I could be like that in so many things.  When I am really into something, I would do my best to get what I want.  I could stay still, wait for a long time, endure the rudeness of people just to get what I want.

That’s why I get frustrated whenever simple requests could not be made when they say they could.  But this time, I have no choice.  I could not return the noodle and besides I was also hungry.  It tasted good but I could not appreciate it.  I was not smiling as I was eating it.  So to change my sulkiness, I decided to buy a cracker with fillings and just end my hunger.

I went on with my daily activities satisfied with the cracker.  After an hour or so, one of our seniors entered the office and informed us of the pansit that were given to us as a farewell treat.  One of our areas are transferring to another area away from us.  It’s still within the workplace but it is farther from us now.

We were already full so we refused to get pansit. But I asked my senior if it was pansit canton, and she said she wasn’t sure.  After a while, our senior entered again this time carrying a load of…guess what…pansit canton!!! 🙂

I was thinking, Oh my God, I am touched.  🙂 You really took the time to give me what I want.  You are so kind to me.  Thank You.

God really made it possible to give me pansit canton just so I would finally eat what I want.  I was craving for a pansit canton and now God sent me a pansit canton.

It seems petty I know, but as little as that, He’s willing to give me, how much more for larger things.  I felt ashamed though because I was sulking and acting a little bratty

God is real.  And He loves us  Big time. 🙂

Happy sunday everyone! 🙂