Since the joints on my hips are aching every now and then–a sure sign that I am getting heavier, I decided to control the portion of my food today.  I am successful so congratulate me.  Although my stomach is making noises–it’s like shouting for food, I don’t mind anyway.  I have survived being hungry before, I will survive it again now 🙂

Last Friday, I just want to share with you, that I have participated in a role play–an impromptu role play just to make our choir presentation longer.  The presentation was for the chorale contest for our office Christmas party.  I love acting but I also love singing.  But I also love dancing.  I may look timid but deep inside, I’m a star!  Haha!  Acting makes me happy.  Singing makes me happy.  Dancing makes me happy.

Anyway, moving on…right now, I am into:

1.  glasswares…just like the glasses in Greenwich, a food chain here in the Philippines for pizza and pasta,  and other wide-mouth glasses 🙂  I love juice with ice that’s why I appreciate containers that can make juice with ice all the more attractive.

2.  Asian blogs--especially those about food and fashion.  Like I've mentioned before, I love Asia.  I have always loved Asia but I only get to admit it to myself when I saw an episode of Amazing Race featuring HongKong.  Hong Kong is beautiful at night, with all the bright lights.

Asia’s culture is so diverse and colorful.  There is a lot to learn about Asia–especially when it comes to language.

3.  Pillsner glasses…same reason as number 1.  🙂  Oooh…I am excited.  I want to go home buy some ice tube and 32oz Gatorade c/o Big Gulp of 7-11 and use a Pillsner glass…nice right?!

Image from–_Pilsner-Glasses-Set-of-4.aspx