That’s okie

In my 5 day stay in Bicol, I have realized that I am not that afraid to wear a dress.  Maybe because I know that I am already big and no matter what I wear I would still look big and I can no longer hide the bulge.  I am no longer pleasing anyone but myself.  So that is kinda liberating knowing that I am free now to wear what I want.

I may be big now, but that is okay.  I can be happy anytime anywhere.  I hope God will still make my heart whole enough to love fully all the time and so I can be happy whenever I want to.

I bought Maybelline’s compact powder again.  This is my brand of compact powder.  After  4 months, I finally decided to buy it again because it is the one that suits my skin.

Let’s go back to Bicol topic.  On my last day there I told my roommates that I had no “moments” in Bicol, meaning I had no major realizations or sentimental moments there.  But then a lot of great things happened to me there:

  1. Being acquainted with people.
  2. Bonding with the other pharmacists
  3. Meeting a cute boy at the CWC who was trying to catch some small fish in a man-made lake.  He was talking to me in Bicol-Tagalog-English and I was talking to him in Tagalog.  Whenever I had no idea of what he was talking about, he would translate his Bicol dialect in English.
  4. Riding the row boat with F though I got afraid seeing the seaweeds inside the deep water of that man-made lake
  5. Accidentally attending the Homily.  Hearing the priest’s message to us pharmacists.
  6. Eating a lot
  7. Eating the sili ice cream
  8. Seeing how religious Filipinos are.
  9. Adventure at the airport
  10. Seeing Manila Bay from above
  11. Being reminded of my dream…I still so want it.
  12. Learning the proper way to smile 🙂

All in all, it has been a great experience for me. 🙂

Speak Life

I would always want to choose to speak life.  Despite people bombarding us with deathly words, I would choose to speak life.  I want to.

So how do we speak life?

Speaking life, for me, means speaking words of encouragement to strengthen one’s faith and to speak in love the words of truth to make the person be on the right path.  There is always the right way to send the message across without destroying that person.

If you snap out in annoyance, you may have driven your point across but you have lost that person’s trust.

Whew.  Okay.  Enough of that.  So how was I?  This past week I’ve been busy–so busy with a lot of things.  Then I jumped into something–financially, that is a big strain on my budget.  But then when will I be able to enjoy things?  I want to enjoy it now.  So I can focus on other stuff–like something deeper and for the future.  Like business and other long term goals.

This morning I was glad to know that the pants that I was expecting to not fit me anymore actually fitted me. 🙂  Maybe that was what stress can do–it can either make you gain or lose weight in an unhealthy way.

God embrace me with Your warmth.  I need You in my life all the time.

I still want it

The lines were not that long.  It was 5pm or should I say 6pm, but it was fine.  A part of me misses home but I like it here.  People here are so absorbed with their own thoughts.  But that’s okay, I am also absorbed with taking in as much as I can, of the culture here, of this place.  Hoping it will be stored in my memory, hoping that this won’t stay as memory, but as a reality.  This is the place I want to be in.  I want to live here. Yes, the people here can be cold, I guess that’s attributed to progress, but the place is warm.  I want to be around this cold, absorbed people.  Because I know that deep inside, they can still be warm.  They won’t be progressive without that innate goodness.  I just know it.  This place won’t be peaceful and disciplined without that kindness.  The bus finally arrived and I went inside.  I saw the lights and the stores and the buildings.  It is beautiful here.


I can still remember that kind guy who really went out of his way to find this institute within the vicinity.  I just heard him speaking in Filipino and I found the guts to ask him for direction.  I thought he would just point me somewhere, but no, he went to the information counter asked for the direction, walked with me and took me there.  He even showed me the way to the bus station.  He bothered telling me his stories.  He was so kind.  I encountered kindness without expecting it.

I don’t mind working like a bee.  I know the honey there is good.  And the hive is peaceful.  I guess that’s what I want most of that place–the peacefulness in that warm place.

God I still want to be there.  But of course God, Your will be done.  Thank You.


Are you living in the NOW?

A dreamer always live in the future–thinking and imagining what life will be like once the dream has come true.  Dreamer forgets to live in the present.

I guess, when we think about God, we should hope in our future together with God in heaven.  But right now, that we are alive, we have to look around us and be aware of the world.  How can we help out one another?  How can we be ambassadors of God?  Are we enjoying God’s gift to us right now?  Are we doing the best we can?  Or are we putting life on hold?  There is a lot that we can do for God.  Right now.

Lord God, may I appreciate your gift for me right now.  May I always do my best in every situation.  Thank You for making me realize that I can enjoy the present while hoping for the future.  Amen.

Are you living in the present?