This is my season of getting lighter. I love this season. It’s the season I feel how I love myself because I’m doing this for me and this is the season that the stronghold of gluttony has been broken. By the grace of God, this has been a breakthrough.

I love walking through the mall and look at the pretty dresses and imagine them on me. 🙂

I’ve been rejected and offended that it led to loving myself and being my own best friend. This led to encourage myself.

I don’t mind counting calories because it makes my pants fit me, my uniform is not suffocating me anymore, my face smaller.

I love this season–the season of possibilities–anticipating the fulfilled promises of God.

On to another topic, I brought my friend along in one of our worship service and she told me later on that Victory is deep. She thought that Victory is all about socialization (fellowship) and not strong on the Word of God. She was proven wrong. Then she told me those magic words, “Maybe that is why you are ON FIRE”. Wow! Really?! It’s so nice to know that people can see that change in me. It means that God is really working in me–to transform me. 🙂