When God gives us blessings, we feel loved.  Love begets love.  When we feel loved, it’s easier to love others as well.  But real love can only happen if we know our role model when it comes to loving and that role model is none other than God.  Only God can teach us and mold our heart to love truly.

Love is so much wider, deeper, and stronger.  It’s a great force that moves and creates things.

As God gives us His promises, it is just right that we bear good fruits.  The seeds given to us are precious and have the potential to be great.  It’s up to us, soils what we are going to do with the blessings of God.  If our heart is really for the Lord, then the fruits that will come out from us will always be good–good fruits such as love.

When our loved ones hurt us, do we hold grudge or do we forgive them?  If we really know how to love then shouldn’t we forgive the loved ones who hurt us?  Forgiveness is always a commandment from God.  To forgive.  Forgiveness should be automatic but trust is another issue.  We are not asked to trust right away.  But we are asked to forgive.

People can hurt us whether we like it or not and when that time comes, what should we do?  We should always seek for God’s guidance and ask the Holy Spirit to enter our whole being so that we will be able to fulfill the purposes God wants us to do.

Speak Life

I would always want to choose to speak life.  Despite people bombarding us with deathly words, I would choose to speak life.  I want to.

So how do we speak life?

Speaking life, for me, means speaking words of encouragement to strengthen one’s faith and to speak in love the words of truth to make the person be on the right path.  There is always the right way to send the message across without destroying that person.

If you snap out in annoyance, you may have driven your point across but you have lost that person’s trust.

Whew.  Okay.  Enough of that.  So how was I?  This past week I’ve been busy–so busy with a lot of things.  Then I jumped into something–financially, that is a big strain on my budget.  But then when will I be able to enjoy things?  I want to enjoy it now.  So I can focus on other stuff–like something deeper and for the future.  Like business and other long term goals.

This morning I was glad to know that the pants that I was expecting to not fit me anymore actually fitted me. 🙂  Maybe that was what stress can do–it can either make you gain or lose weight in an unhealthy way.

God embrace me with Your warmth.  I need You in my life all the time.


Ten years from now is 2021.  I will be 39 by then.  By then, I think I will be happily married with 2 children.  We live in our own house with a garden and a swimming pool.  If I’m struggling now to keep my weight off,  that will not be a struggle for me anymore in 2021.  Who knows what 2021 will be like but if I have a hope, I hope that 10 years from now my faith in God has gone stronger and deeper and that my heart has been changed and molded just like the heart of God.

I think I will also do the 3rd challenge which is to write my views on cigarettes and alcohol.  No to cigarettes but occasional drinking of alcoholic beverages.  Yes to hard drinks, no to beer.  That is my current view but I guess reading the personal social history of patients and most of them are either smokers/occasional alcoholic beverage drinker, I think I will have to forego alcohol, too.  Yes to healthy living.  If quitting the occasional drinking is the only healthy thing I can commit to right now, then so be it.

No to alcohol and cigarette. 🙂

Ready for Christmas

Christmas will still continue no matter what.  Am I ready?  Yes!  I am even excited to attend the Christmas eve mass.  Hopefully, my family and I will attend the mass together.  Christmas is really about Jesus Christ, right?  🙂  As for the gifts, there is always a way to give a gift to someone.  Christmas eve meal?  No matter what food is on the table, if your family is complete and you are all present on Christmas eve, then your meal will always be satisfying…even if it’s just an instant noodle. 🙂

I am not proud of what I ate today–too much junk food.  However, I eat real food this morning–breakfast-all-you-can type.  The canteen cooked pork curry–curry reminds me of Indians and their food.  It reminds me of some sweet memories.

Anyway, I also had Pringles and Gatorade for lunch.  As for dinner, I had fried chicken, rice, and some more Pringles, soda, and iced tea.  Bad choices.

I am not giving up.  Tomorrow, I will choose the healthier options. 🙂



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