When God gives us blessings, we feel loved.  Love begets love.  When we feel loved, it’s easier to love others as well.  But real love can only happen if we know our role model when it comes to loving and that role model is none other than God.  Only God can teach us and mold our heart to love truly.

Love is so much wider, deeper, and stronger.  It’s a great force that moves and creates things.

As God gives us His promises, it is just right that we bear good fruits.  The seeds given to us are precious and have the potential to be great.  It’s up to us, soils what we are going to do with the blessings of God.  If our heart is really for the Lord, then the fruits that will come out from us will always be good–good fruits such as love.

When our loved ones hurt us, do we hold grudge or do we forgive them?  If we really know how to love then shouldn’t we forgive the loved ones who hurt us?  Forgiveness is always a commandment from God.  To forgive.  Forgiveness should be automatic but trust is another issue.  We are not asked to trust right away.  But we are asked to forgive.

People can hurt us whether we like it or not and when that time comes, what should we do?  We should always seek for God’s guidance and ask the Holy Spirit to enter our whole being so that we will be able to fulfill the purposes God wants us to do.

Day 4 and happy

Photo by Mumbaki

I went over my caloric limit because I think it’s rude to say no to a treat from someone respectable just because I am on my weight loss journey.  Besides, the food that he ordered was healthy because it has tomatoes and lettuce; moreover, the food was so delicious that maybe all the food in France tastes that way 🙂  Well if that’s true, then I will definitely be obese if I were to live there.

Today, once again, God showed His immense power.  Thank God for He is powerful.

I am happy because I was able to see and talk with my relatives. 🙂

I want to serve the church because I want to serve God.