That’s okie

In my 5 day stay in Bicol, I have realized that I am not that afraid to wear a dress.  Maybe because I know that I am already big and no matter what I wear I would still look big and I can no longer hide the bulge.  I am no longer pleasing anyone but myself.  So that is kinda liberating knowing that I am free now to wear what I want.

I may be big now, but that is okay.  I can be happy anytime anywhere.  I hope God will still make my heart whole enough to love fully all the time and so I can be happy whenever I want to.

I bought Maybelline’s compact powder again.  This is my brand of compact powder.  After  4 months, I finally decided to buy it again because it is the one that suits my skin.

Let’s go back to Bicol topic.  On my last day there I told my roommates that I had no “moments” in Bicol, meaning I had no major realizations or sentimental moments there.  But then a lot of great things happened to me there:

  1. Being acquainted with people.
  2. Bonding with the other pharmacists
  3. Meeting a cute boy at the CWC who was trying to catch some small fish in a man-made lake.  He was talking to me in Bicol-Tagalog-English and I was talking to him in Tagalog.  Whenever I had no idea of what he was talking about, he would translate his Bicol dialect in English.
  4. Riding the row boat with F though I got afraid seeing the seaweeds inside the deep water of that man-made lake
  5. Accidentally attending the Homily.  Hearing the priest’s message to us pharmacists.
  6. Eating a lot
  7. Eating the sili ice cream
  8. Seeing how religious Filipinos are.
  9. Adventure at the airport
  10. Seeing Manila Bay from above
  11. Being reminded of my dream…I still so want it.
  12. Learning the proper way to smile 🙂

All in all, it has been a great experience for me. 🙂