I still want it

The lines were not that long.  It was 5pm or should I say 6pm, but it was fine.  A part of me misses home but I like it here.  People here are so absorbed with their own thoughts.  But that’s okay, I am also absorbed with taking in as much as I can, of the culture here, of this place.  Hoping it will be stored in my memory, hoping that this won’t stay as memory, but as a reality.  This is the place I want to be in.  I want to live here. Yes, the people here can be cold, I guess that’s attributed to progress, but the place is warm.  I want to be around this cold, absorbed people.  Because I know that deep inside, they can still be warm.  They won’t be progressive without that innate goodness.  I just know it.  This place won’t be peaceful and disciplined without that kindness.  The bus finally arrived and I went inside.  I saw the lights and the stores and the buildings.  It is beautiful here.


I can still remember that kind guy who really went out of his way to find this institute within the vicinity.  I just heard him speaking in Filipino and I found the guts to ask him for direction.  I thought he would just point me somewhere, but no, he went to the information counter asked for the direction, walked with me and took me there.  He even showed me the way to the bus station.  He bothered telling me his stories.  He was so kind.  I encountered kindness without expecting it.

I don’t mind working like a bee.  I know the honey there is good.  And the hive is peaceful.  I guess that’s what I want most of that place–the peacefulness in that warm place.

God I still want to be there.  But of course God, Your will be done.  Thank You.


Yearning for the Lord is contagious.  I am glad that people look forward to our weekly meetings to learn more about Lord God.

I also thank God today for the success of my activities.  The success is all for Him.  I am also in awe with the way things are turning out.  I have my emceeing duty this day–me, the monotonous, shy, chubby lady.  I am thankful to be given this opportunity.  I may be so nervous but I like this–I want to be exposed more with this job because I want to enhance my communication skills.

I have learned how to be confident with the Lord. I guess this is what it means by believing in Him.  You really are the best, Lord.

If you know that God can do anything for you, what would you ask Him?


Since the joints on my hips are aching every now and then–a sure sign that I am getting heavier, I decided to control the portion of my food today.  I am successful so congratulate me.  Although my stomach is making noises–it’s like shouting for food, I don’t mind anyway.  I have survived being hungry before, I will survive it again now 🙂

Last Friday, I just want to share with you, that I have participated in a role play–an impromptu role play just to make our choir presentation longer.  The presentation was for the chorale contest for our office Christmas party.  I love acting but I also love singing.  But I also love dancing.  I may look timid but deep inside, I’m a star!  Haha!  Acting makes me happy.  Singing makes me happy.  Dancing makes me happy.

Anyway, moving on…right now, I am into:

1.  glasswares…just like the glasses in Greenwich, a food chain here in the Philippines for pizza and pasta,  and other wide-mouth glasses 🙂  I love juice with ice that’s why I appreciate containers that can make juice with ice all the more attractive.

2.  Asian blogs--especially those about food and fashion.  Like I've mentioned before, I love Asia.  I have always loved Asia but I only get to admit it to myself when I saw an episode of Amazing Race featuring HongKong.  Hong Kong is beautiful at night, with all the bright lights.

Asia’s culture is so diverse and colorful.  There is a lot to learn about Asia–especially when it comes to language.

3.  Pillsner glasses…same reason as number 1.  🙂  Oooh…I am excited.  I want to go home buy some ice tube and 32oz Gatorade c/o Big Gulp of 7-11 and use a Pillsner glass…nice right?!

Image from http://www.foodnetworkstore.com/p-100792–_Pilsner-Glasses-Set-of-4.aspx



Lately, I haven’t been counting calories and people are saying that I am gaining weight.  But I don’t care anymore.  I know my body and I know the safe way of losing weight.  I shouldn’t feel bad for their comments anymore.

I am glad because I find myself interested again in reading food blogs, hence, this new post.

After the holidays come summer–my most favorite time of the year.  I don’t mind the humidity–summer is always good to my heart.

Some story…I decided to stop by this store at the mall.  It is called MATAHARI where they sell Indonesian deli.  I tried their Australian cornick and it was great–so smooth–no hard parts at all.  It was a nice discovery.  Beautiful (and yummy) creations do exist. 🙂  The best part is they also sell Indian/Malaysian spices such as those used for nasi goreng, mi goreng and other “goreng” stuff. 🙂

I just love Asia.