I’ve been struggling with losing weight, right?  Then I thought of the glorified body when eternity happens.

Me:  I have hope.  I can still have a perfect body when I finally have my glorified body!

Those who knew what glorified body was laughed. 🙂

A:  Yeah, you have a perfect body but there’ll be no marriage by then…

The joke ends there.

But really, does everyone have to be fit and voluptuous or thin or skinny to get a man?

What I say to that is this:  You don’t have to be thin to be married or to attract the opposite sex, not all men have gorgeous body either!  It still is a win-win situation 🙂

And why do I even want to have a perfect body?  Simple.  I want to be fit and be fast and work and do things easily without having shortness of breath. 🙂

Baby Steps

I might eat a lot tomorrow or on the days to come, but right now, I am controlling my portions and that is what matters now. 🙂

Been drinking my calcium for two days now.  According to sources, I have the tendency to be osteopenic because I so love iced tea and therefore I should have my calcium supplement to prevent that.  But milk is expensive and tablets are big and difficult to swallow.  Priorities.

Baby steps 🙂


I want to go back to running (jogging).  I miss the feel of the wind on my face and the way I try to catch my breath and how my heart pumps faster and how my face looks red from running and how after a long time I’d finally break a sweat.  I love the feeling of running like the world is full of hope and joy and that it’s Christmas again and it’s a happy occasion once again just like when I was a kid.

I want to go back to jog whether I’m with company or alone.  I love the time I spend with myself, listening to music and being a weirdo because of choosing to jog in place.  I guess, I’ll never do that again when I’m running in a park or outside.  But I wouldn’t mind good company either who will encourage you to run some more. 🙂

I don’t care whether I’ll lose weight or not by running.  All I want is that happy feeling and the satisfaction that I’m helping my body become fit.

I want to run.  I don’t mind the distance, I just want to increase my endurance. 🙂

*** I hope that by the time this has been published online, I would have run already (even if it’s just jogging in place) 🙂

Over the bump

Ever since I’ve met that challenge, I could not concentrate on anything else.  That is why I have forgotten to control my calories.  But now that it’s over, I have no excuse not to go back to think about my health.

Reasons why I should count:

1.  OW.  I am overweight.  I need to lose some weight because I want to be healthy.

2.  If I eat, no one would try to tell me that I still look awesome.  Haha…but last Friday, I was wearing white jeans and white polo shirt and one of the guys from office greeted me and told me that I look “sexy”.  Now that should not be a compliment but I thought to myself that it was because I have curves. 🙂  A little more weight and instead of curves, I’ll just be round.

3.  I’ve done what should be done.  The next steps are all about letting go, picking up myself, anticipate a brighter future.  I should not be depressed at all.  The best is yet to come.

4.  Everybody else is getting married, having a boyfriend, and losing weight.  I may not have a love life right now but at least I could try to control what I eat.

5.  I like myself again.  I love myself and I still like what I look like.  I love myself.

6.  New blogs.  I have found great blogs to read.

7.  Training for Victory.  I’m gonna be entering another step towards my spiritual growth.  I hope I grow in faith and biblical truth through this.

Hopefully I will be as thin as this again 🙂

Week 1

Several days after gaining back my motivation, it’s time for weight in…I lost 2 lbs!  🙂  Progress! 🙂

It’s always nice to have an ice cold tea 🙂  Get a pitcher of water, 5 kilos of ice tubes, 1 liter Nestea sachet, and drink to your heart’s content 🙂

It looks satisfying, right? 🙂

I went to the supermarket and for some reason, it makes me at peace.  I could imagine movie shot there like the ones I often see in movies.  I enjoyed looking at the vegetables, healthy rice, and meat.  I have a feeling that I’d be able to appreciate veggies more now.  I bought eggplant, carrots, brocolli, baguio beans, and tomatoes. 🙂  The question is, what should I do with them? 🙂

It’s KBS time.  I’m watching My Fair Lady.  Have a nice saturday!!! 🙂

Be your own cheerleader

Sponsored lunch today.  The urge to just indulge was not there.  I was able to control myself–control the portion of my food.

Today, I also talked with my roommate about calories.  Good thing she’s a nutritionist. 🙂  I’m glad to know that 3 pandesal is just around 100 Calories, the 5 cm x 5 cm size.  So nice!  I don’t know how long I would be craving for pandesal every morning but that is okay.  I will just allow myself until it subsides.

When I want something, when the desire is there, I can be persistent.  I would really look for ways to achieve whatever I desire given the resources that I have.  That is also true whenever I want to eat something.  I could travel to far away places just to have my food.  But then again, my definition of far away places are Manila to Mandaluyong/Makati/Pasay and back.  But then my food desires/cravings always subside.

I hope it’s also true to whatever unhealthy feelings that I feel.  May I always transform it into something useful.

I appreciate good/healthy food nowadays.  It’s like every food that I take counts that will add up to my nutrients.  Therefore, I feel bad if I had to choose junk foods over fruits or other healthy stuff.

I am also learning how to control my urges to eat whenever I’m frustrated or stressed.  I have observed that I would find the urge to eat whenever I feel something strong that I feel like I need to eat to be in control, or to be happy and so I stuffed myself with food but I did not really enjoy it fully because I feel like I’m violating my health.  One time, I was subjected to stress that I wanted to run and just eat.  I stopped and asked myself:  Am I really hungry?  Or am I just stressed?  When I asked myself those, the urge to give up on my control went away.

I have realized after almost one year of trying to find my motivation that we, ourselves, are our own cheerleader.  That it should be enough for us to love ourselves and take care of our bodies.  Although God won’t reject you just because of your weight, but by faith.  Just like Christians, whenever we feel discouraged and we have no friends around that we can turn to, it is beneficial to cheer ourselves up to be happy and joyful. We should also learn how to be an encouragement to others in whatever it is that we are dealing with.

Another accomplishment today is that I haven’t had a sip of sodas.  It’s been 3 days of no soda and 5 days of my weight loss journey.

HLS is happening right now in US.  I wish that I could be a part of this summit if not today, then next year. 🙂


The corn that is, that I ate this lunch.  I was surprised to find out that it is just 77 calories per ear–the medium size.

What I craved for today is the spaghetti of Jollibee.  I ate there as fast as I can before attending my small group.  I have to be fed to concentrate. 🙂  The strong salty, sweet, somewhat spicy flavor of the sauce combined with french fries dipped in the sauce made this meal awesome.  Finished the meal with very cold tea and I was satisfied.

I had banana cue again this afternoon.  I love banana.  But according to google, saba is a banana known as  “cardaba”.  I love the big, thick, chewy kind with only a little sugar.

Day 4 of getting my motivation back.  This takes a while but I am sure that I will get there. 🙂

Finding my way back to me

I’m talking about finding my motivation to get a hold of my health.  I am successful today, I should say, because I ate according to my set goal.  I did not overeat.

Breakfast is composed of crackers and iced tea.

Lunch is roasted chicken, corn and carrots, banana cue, and iced tea.

Dinner is two pan de sal and iced tea.

Iced tea again.  I know it’s not that healthy but it’s like coffee to me.  If people love coffee so much, my “coffee” is an iced almost tasteless Nestea. 🙂

Yesterday, I have observed that come afternoon, I was hungry again and I had to eat.  With hunger, I was almost enticed to give up.  It caused me to eat unhealthy food.  And so today, to avoid that, I had an afternoon snack (which became an early dinner)  just so I won’t crave for all kinds of food I could think of.  And it worked.  Come dinner, I was still satisfied.  I didn’t eat dinner because of that.

Some people I know skip meals.  One lady skips breakfast, and another one skips lunch.  It works.  They look slimmer after months of efforts.  But I really think and believe that we should not skip meals.  One of the rules for a diabetic patient is not to skip meals.  I think that healthy people like us, should follow this, too.  Not because of the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level), but because we should not subject our bodies to bad stress.

Bad stress for me are things we do or take that make our body be unhealthy.

Good stress, for me, are things like proper exercise, diet, and well-being, well-hydrated, right amount of sleep.

I am glad, my motivation is back.  This time, I will hold on to it. 🙂

Act on it

The muscles around my stomach ached from a little customized sit-ups that I did this morning.  A pat on the back for me. 🙂  As for the food portion, I went beyond but not enough to gain weight.  No loss and no gain.  It’s good enough for me.  I think it’s just okay for me to go a little beyond because I was really hungry this evening that 2 pan de sal could not suffice.

I attended tonight’s service with J.  Pastor Julius Fabregas was the guest preacher 🙂  I realized tonight that if I want God’s blessings to manifest in my life, I have to ACT ON IT. 🙂

I was also moved by Sir PS when he shared what happened to the stock market and how good that God is in his life.  I pray that he will be strong and be joyful with God.