Magnum Truffle

Some 7-11 stores still have this flavor.  Thank God, another heavenly ice cream.  The first time I’ve eaten ice cream which caused me to close my eyes from too much goodness–tastes like heaven was when I tried the Guinduia ice cream of Caramia.  Then this lunch, the truffle flavor was so good.  It has something to do with the choco ice cream.  I nearly ignored the belgian choco coating because the ice cream itself tastes so heavenly.

Anyway, I think I would go to work early tomorrow so I still have time to buy this oh-so-good ice cream bar. 🙂

New Year’s Photos





New year’s pics. Maybe I’m 150 lbs in this pic. But look at all these food. So yummy and so carbohydrate 🙂

We did not cook that much food but there were still a lot to give to my relatives who visited us on new year.

Glad the holiday is over. Looking forward to summer. Oh btw, I’m weighing less than 150 lbs now. 🙂

The Kitchen Musical

I’m currently watching The Kitchen Musical and I like it.  I love their performance on “Perhaps”.  The lady’s voice (I don’t know her name yet) is nice :).  Karylle can dance now!  Her voice is still nice.  It pays to have a great voice. 🙂

I imagine them having a great time doing their job and then later (8 hours after) they are free to shop and roam Singapore.

Oh, it’s still there.


Two celebrants held their treat at Yakimix, one Thursday afternoon of October.  We were fed and so happy after. 🙂

The leche flan was okay but I can taste more of the vanilla rather than the creaminess of egg, milk, and sugar.

This choco mousse looks so enticing.  At first bite it was so creamy.  I was waiting for that bittersweet taste but it’s just sweet.  I didn’t really enjoy this.

Smokeless grill is what I like.  I like how it looks and I love the food in the photo.  Just be sure that you know when it’s cooked already or not. 🙂

When I had the first bite there, all I could say was, “Ang sarap” (It’s so delicious).  I ate and ate to my stomach’s content.  My stomach is just the size of my fist, it extended until it could but all those yummy food couldn’t fit my stomach anymore, thus this left-over.

But I love the ice cream and gummy worms.  It was worth it.  I would definitely come back here if I have the budget. 🙂


I miss the cats in our house.  I don’t have names for them because they are not really ours and I don’t even know how many are they.  I just miss the feeling of looking at this particular cat, it looking back at me, watching my every move, me also, watching its every move.  And there I did it, eye on it, I did the kamehame ha wave. 🙂

The cat must think I’m weird.  But it didn’t ignore me.  Its eyes still focused on me, ready to run if I chased it away.

It must be the cat that ran over my foot causing me to have my skin tested for antitetanus serum, and being given tetanus toxoid injection.

But right now, I must do school projects and then focus and be inspired to do something about work.  Til then, I’ll see you Mr. cat!