New Year’s Photos





New year’s pics. Maybe I’m 150 lbs in this pic. But look at all these food. So yummy and so carbohydrate 🙂

We did not cook that much food but there were still a lot to give to my relatives who visited us on new year.

Glad the holiday is over. Looking forward to summer. Oh btw, I’m weighing less than 150 lbs now. 🙂

The Kitchen Musical

I’m currently watching The Kitchen Musical and I like it.  I love their performance on “Perhaps”.  The lady’s voice (I don’t know her name yet) is nice :).  Karylle can dance now!  Her voice is still nice.  It pays to have a great voice. 🙂

I imagine them having a great time doing their job and then later (8 hours after) they are free to shop and roam Singapore.

Oh, it’s still there.


Two celebrants held their treat at Yakimix, one Thursday afternoon of October.  We were fed and so happy after. 🙂

The leche flan was okay but I can taste more of the vanilla rather than the creaminess of egg, milk, and sugar.

This choco mousse looks so enticing.  At first bite it was so creamy.  I was waiting for that bittersweet taste but it’s just sweet.  I didn’t really enjoy this.

Smokeless grill is what I like.  I like how it looks and I love the food in the photo.  Just be sure that you know when it’s cooked already or not. 🙂

When I had the first bite there, all I could say was, “Ang sarap” (It’s so delicious).  I ate and ate to my stomach’s content.  My stomach is just the size of my fist, it extended until it could but all those yummy food couldn’t fit my stomach anymore, thus this left-over.

But I love the ice cream and gummy worms.  It was worth it.  I would definitely come back here if I have the budget. 🙂


I miss the cats in our house.  I don’t have names for them because they are not really ours and I don’t even know how many are they.  I just miss the feeling of looking at this particular cat, it looking back at me, watching my every move, me also, watching its every move.  And there I did it, eye on it, I did the kamehame ha wave. 🙂

The cat must think I’m weird.  But it didn’t ignore me.  Its eyes still focused on me, ready to run if I chased it away.

It must be the cat that ran over my foot causing me to have my skin tested for antitetanus serum, and being given tetanus toxoid injection.

But right now, I must do school projects and then focus and be inspired to do something about work.  Til then, I’ll see you Mr. cat!

Chubby Checker

There is this food place in Gil Puyat, just in front of the BBL Bus Terminal, that sells bread and other meals.  Last Monday, because I woke up late and took a long time preparing to go to work that I was late for 2 hours, I decided to stop by this place to let the sunshine in from all this thumpings.

I didn’t know that I was about to discover something great–the superb Macapuno Pie.  Now, this pie is just small, I guess it’s just 2 inches in diameter.  The base is a pie, soft and nice, next is a thick layer of egg custard but I’m not really sure because the consistency is like that of a custard but the taste is a bit bland–not so sweet which is perfect for the top layer of macapuno.  It was quite expensive at Php 22 per piece.  But it’s worthy of my cravings!

I guess it’s just fit to be called a craving because I exerted an effort to go there a while ago for dinner.

The bakeshop is called Simply Bread but it was inside Chubby Checker and the bread and pies are made by Chef Andrew according to the label on the plastic bag.  They have other bread and tarts, and pies but I haven’t really tried them, the macapuno pie just happened to catch my attention.

Kangaroo Jack




There is a new place in Robinson’s Place Ermita, the Kangaroo Jack. I looked at its menu and was surprised to see how affordable the food is. We tried it that afternoon and I’m giving it 4.5 stars out of 5 only because the staff did not thank us as we were leaving. But over-all, I would recommend this place. 😉

I recommend its baby back ribs. I may not be an expert on steak and all those meat but I truly enjoyed the rib which unfortunately is not my order but E was nice enough to give me some.

I ordered Steak a la Pobre and as appetizer, fish and chips.



This is one thing that I will always love.  What kind of chocolates do you want?

Belgian chocolate is my favorite.  Though I seldom eat a belgian chocolate, this is for me the best–bittersweet and so heavenly.  I’m only able to eat this through a waffle stall where it sells a belgian chocolate waffle where there is hefty amount of choco in it. 🙂

Belgian chocolate, because of its rich taste is perfectly eaten bit by bit.  Get a small amount, let it melt in your tongue and enjoy!

As far as brand of chocolate is concerned, Ferrero Rocher is the best for me.  My cousins told me that Godiva is the best chocolate around but I still haven’t tried it so I don’t really know.

The Cause

We are now three in the group!!!  Yey!

You see, I joined a small group in the church and months had passed and I was the only member of the group aside from my leader.  We decided to just do One2One instead while waiting for the other ladies to join.  Last Tuesday, another lady joined us.  She used to be the leader of her small group in Quezon City and she switched to another job that was why she decided to just attend in Makati.

It’s been a great night because it made me think of reasons for bitterness.  I have looked deep, confronted it, lift it up to God.  My heart is lighter now.

Today is the first day of the Asian Conference for Clinical Pharmacy 2011 but it was raining hard here all over Luzon.  I will be attending tomorrow for the lectures, it’s gonna be heavy but I like it.  This is another chance.  It’s not often that a chance like this would be given to me.  I am excited to meet new friends 🙂