Every start of the year, our church has corporate fasting, this year I joined and Victory Makati has a kick-off for prayer and fasting on January 5, that’s my birthday. It was a nice birthday gift–a really nice surprise. 🙂

Anyway, the fasting started and on my first or second day of quiet time with God, I asked Him why my small group sisters are moving and transferring to other branches of our church. He revealed to me that He may have plans for them but He also has a plan for me.

I ask Him why I feel so abandoned and timid and out of place, but He told me to smile at people sincerely. So they will not be intimidated.

I’ve been distracted by the enemy this fasting week, from dreams to traffic in Ayala to bad packaging of pan de sal. Sometimes I fail but sometimes the restraining grace of God is there. I asked God one time to forgive me for offending Him, and the enemy was whispering that I was mean and I shouldn’t be forgiven that I should condemn myself more, but I know that I have been forgiven because God said that He has forgiven my past, present, and future sin because I have faith in Him. And more than that, I have the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is peace and joy.

I am also thankful for this prayer meetings because they helped a lot with my fasting and God’s grace is also sufficient for me to do fasting–I’ve only have about four instances of faint cravings for food. My self-control was so strong I could not believe it. For me it was a breakthrough!

And the best part is God is present in my life and I want to keep this up. I want Him in my life so much. I dedicate my life to Him. God, I am Yours.

God, thank You for the church that You have shown me and for the enabling grace You have given me to overcome my timidity and be an actual member of this church. Thank You because through them I have proven that being a Christian is really cool and You are so cool God. I can’t get enough of You God. I want more of You God. Thank You God. I love You.


Today is my birthday. So what does it feel like to be 30? It feels okay. It really is a good thing that God is in my life right now because otherwise, given my situation of being single and 30, I’d be panicking by now. Thank God He’s there, I am joyful and peaceful right now. I just see my being 30 as being 29 or less. When it comes to God’s power and goodness, age does not matter.

So now that I am 30, let me post my 30 prayers and goals 🙂

1. First of all, it’s about something major in my life. I won’t elaborate. This is just between me and God. 🙂
2. Have God’s promise of Him fulfilling my dream to finally come true
3. To have a Christian husband who loves me
4. To read the whole bible
5. To lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle
6. Salvation of family. I pray that I will be able to openly share with them my faith in God. And may they also have a personal relationship with God.
7. To save up for the future
8. To be promoted at work
9. To have other sources of income
10. God’s abundant provision
11. Healthy lifestyle, and healthy family
12. Gift of tongues
13. Gift of healing
14. Gift of prophecy
15. Gift of knowledge
16. Gift of wisdom
17. Visit Singapore and Malaysia/South Korea/Japan
18. Join in marathons
19. Daily quiet time
20. Join a ministry and be active in it
21. Meet new true friends
22. Deeper relationships with believers
23. To have the latest NIV Study Bible
24. To constantly feel God’s presence
25. To share Jesus with others
26. To be a blessing to others
27. To be protected at all times
28. To always glorify God through me
29. To start a small group
30. To make God smile at me always

Thank You God for all the blessings You have given me. Thank You for another year of Your great love. May I always find You God everywhere that I go. I love You Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Silent Night

It’s only now that the song Silent Night’s meaning becomes clear to me. Jesus was born not with a bang but silently. Only the shepherd came to visit him. He was lying on the cold manger. Jesus came for His people.

God understands and knows our pain and our discomfort. He comes to be with us–for the weary and tired.

Jesus came to save us.

SAVE. Such a nice word.

This Christmas, the message imparted to us is to share Jesus. I have an idea on how to do that through our traditional Christmas Party.

I asked them several questions about the Christmas story and it was funny because they keep answering them wrong. It was funny. But it was good that I was somehow able to share them the Christmas story. It was lovely. I am glad for the opportunity.

One good thing about this Christmas was attending church service Christmas morning. The church is generous enough to give out prizes for people like mobile phones and spa treatment vouchers.

It’s been fun.

As for food, we didn’t really prepare anything. We just fried chicken, rice, and lumpiang shanghai, and bought chiffon cake from the nearby bakery.


VG stands for Victory Group. I am blessed to be a part of such inspiring group of women who are all passionate for God. This week has been so busy that I don’t have time to check my email or FB or blog. 🙂

Last Monday, we went bowling and though I’m not much of a bowler, I was still happy to get my hands on those heavy balls and slide them through those pins hoping to knock them out! My score was jsut around 30+…haha 🙂

Tuesday we practised at my VG leader’s place (her grandma’s place actually) where we got to get to know the other members. I really enjoyed spending time with them. Wednesday I had to go home because it was holiday here and that was my chance of seeing my Mom and my niece and nephew because I’d be busy the coming days.

Thursday, I didn’t have any activities after work so I just used it spending time with God while window shopping.

Friday, we had bible study in our office. Another deep discussion on God’s Word.

Saturday, I attended practice for our dance then we celebrated the birthday of our mother in VG (the leader of the whole VG). The food were all great especially Purple Oven. It’s a must try! 🙂

Sunday, I was chosen to be one of the godmothers of this cute little girl who really likes to talk to people. What a smile there, Z! So cute 🙂 Afterwards, I attended the sunday worship service with J and R. Two worlds meet 🙂 Then J and I had dinner at Amber’s in Palanan, Makati. The pancit malabon was good that time but I especially liked its Pichi-pichi 🙂 Yum!

Tomorrow is the start of Pharmacy Week. I hope the parade and all the activities go well 🙂


Yesterday I graduated from Training for Victory (T4V). After 10 saturdays of attending lectures and listening to everything about discipleship, I have done it with God’s grace. I know it’s because of God’s grace that I am able to finish this–with the insecurities I feel, it’s a miracle I am able to go through this.

Thank You God for Your grace.

After graduation, I attended the Saved Festival at SMART Araneta. I felt blessed and it’s so nice to worship God. I had a realization (revelation) that I need to worship God–it’s innate in us. God has put some ideas on how I could worship Him everyday–first thing in the morning.

Again, thank You God.

God has filled my heart with so much joy. I love You God.

The Bus

Unexpected blessing: I was on my way home riding in a bus when the conductor, who was supposed to give me ticket that time, ignored me, he was murmuring something but since I was listening to music, I didn’t understand him. Anyway, he went back, giving me my ticket. I looked at it and was confused because the fare was P25 lower. When he went back to get my payment, I asked him why my fare was only P99, but instead of answering me directly, he asked if I was living in __ street and I said yes and he also asked how I was related to so and so.

The thing is he gave me a discount just because we’re living in the same street.

How nice! 🙂


The Philippines is now experiencing typhoon Pedring.  I can’t go out to buy food.  Lesson learned:

Don’t underestimate any storm.  Sometimes PAGASA may not be accurate but sometimes they are and so to avoid a situation such as this, I should be prepared for any storm.  So food, candles, flashlight should be ready.

I hope I’ll be able to go out tonight to buy some food.  And I hope my stomach won’t growl in hunger.

Gery’s Grill




Last friday, my roommate treated us to dinner because she would be leaving for Canada on sunday. It was a nice, easy, comfortable dinner with them.

We ordered kare-kare, pork binagoongan, tuna sisig which is the best among our orders, sinigang na hipon, and bottomless iced tea for most of us.

It is really nice to spend time with friends.

Dying inside

Luke 9:23-24 (NIV) Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.”

Relationship with God is not a passive relationship.  It is active.  It is real.  It is painful most of the time like you are dying.  And the good thing is–God will create a new life in me.  He will bring me back to life.  New life in Christ.