Get There

It is my tradition to do prayer and fasting at the start of the year to put things back in perspective–to remind me who I am in Christ. I was not able to do it with the rest of the church this year so I did it the week after. The first day was really difficult. I was about to give up but I got a breakthrough, which kept me going. On the last day, I could feel the momentum of an answered prayer. I was ready to shout for joy and proclaim the glory of God in my life. I was ready to shout Hallelujah! But we’ve got the virus instead. We recovered in no time but we still had to isolate for a number of days as per protocol in this country. I am thankful for the good system in place in this country. Because I had a symptom, a doctor called me to check up on me. She assessed if I could manage my symptoms at home or if I needed to be monitored closely. I am also thankful for the delivery services for the basic goods. We didn’t have to ask any of our friends to get us any necessities. I did ask God why it had to happen then but knowing God, He has a good reason for this. I was also grateful for a few days of rest. I had been exhausted with everything going on with my life. Those few days allowed me to just rest and let God. Although in the end, I had to fight for what would give me peace. Getting sick showed me the true colors of some people, of how selfish they are. I have always been aware of that but still, it did not feel good to witness it firsthand. My faith in humanity was low at the time. I thought no one really cared. Little did I know, some people actually cared for us. A fellow believer told me, when she finally heard from me, that she has been praying for my recovery.

Several days after our recovery, my husband had to drive down to Melbourne to start work as part of our long-term plan. We have to be in a long-distance relationship for a few weeks. It’s hard but I am gonna follow him there soon. I am impressed with him and grateful that God gave him the courage to go out there and chase after our dreams and that we are on the same page with this.

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