Perfect Life

Is there a time in your life in which your life has been perfect?

Mine was during my senior year in high school. Back then my Dad was still alive. We are still complete. My family and I would go to church together then, right after, we would go with Dad to drive Mom to our store. My favourite was when we would drop by the petrol station to get some snacks while Dad get the petrol.

It was also the happiest year of my high school. I have great friends. Our group was formed after each of us had some dramas with our own group of friends. We were all hanging out in the classroom one lunch break and we just clicked. From then on, I felt that I belong. I also enjoyed all of my classes then, especially World History. Our teacher was really cool and he made us analyze the story which made us feel good whenever we would get the right answer.

Back then, influential TV shows for me were “My So-Called Life”, a bit of “Felicity” and the start of “Ally McBeal”. These TV shows made me feel hopeful about my future.

My grades are also great. I am always included in the Top 10 of our batch.; however, in the end, because of my “lack” of extracurricular activities, I didn’t make it in the Top 10. A lesson on popularity and how to make it to your advantage.

Senior year meant preparing for college so we did a lot of college admission tests. I applied to 5 schools. I passed all of them which is great.

Lots of projects but they’re all okay. It was hard but sweet. Lots of sleepless nights. But all those experiences helped me with college.

It was also that time when I wrote a heartfelt article about a friend in grade school, this article got a high score although it wasn’t featured. It made me love writing more. Moreover, it was also the time when my poem got chosen by my favourite teacher. He praised it in class which made me love poetry and writing it as well. I had so many poems written when I was in uni but sadly, I lost my notebook where I write them.

This was also the time where I wrote letters to my classmates. I formed new friendships because of that.

It was also the year when I took a lot of photos, back when cameras use film still. I don’t think there is any digital camera at that time. I was glad my Mom was supportive of my hobby.

It was really a perfect year. Full of hope, love and I felt so safe. Even though it was only for a year, I’m glad it happened in my life. Now, it’s time to look forward again to better years and brighter tomorrow. It happened in my earlier life, I know it will happen again in my middle and later life.