Books recently

A well-spent rest day, for me, is going to town to have brunch, usually a scone with jam and cream, and coffee, then going to different stores to window shop. But because of the pandemic, I have learned to love staying home. I am very much of a home buddy now but I still try to go out to unwind because it helps with my energy.

Today, being a rest day, I went to town (a 5-minute drive from our house) to buy an iced coffee and look for books.

I’ve been itching to buy books because the ones I’ve purchased online are taking so long to arrive. When it comes to books, I prefer buying them from our local bookstore. Or if it’s not available there, I’d buy just the ebooks. But these 2 books I bought online are not yet available in iBooks and our local bookstore does not have them. Anyway, I should have them this week–hopefully.

At our local bookstore, my favourite shop in town, I bought Isabel Allende’s latest book. The last time I read one of her books was way back in college/uni and I liked it. When I first saw her book, I was not convinced to buy it because I was not feeling magical realism at the time but I think I’m more open to it again. I also bought a letter set because I want to try writing letters again. Upon browsing, I saw the new Minalima Harry Potter book (Chamber of Secrets) but it was so expensive there. I wonder why. But since I already have the first book, it is just logical to buy the second book, being a Harry Potter fan. I know Target would have them so I went there and as expected, I wouldn’t be buying just one book.

I also bought A Disney Twisted Tale (Part of Your world) and Sally Rooney’s Beautiful World, Where are You. I’ve bought The Song of Achilles from our local bookstore last week, I just included it in the photo because it is one of my current reads. I’m liking it so far.

Back to Minalima’s version of Harry Potter, the second book is very beautiful just like the first book. Like everything that you would expect to be highlighted in the second book are there. It is definitely something that children and adults will love. This book is something that I would want to pass on to my loved ones (grandchildren) in the future.

The spray edges enticed me to get this book, plus, I love the Little Mermaid. The story of this twisted tale is also promising. I plan to read the whole book right away. I’m loving its design as well. I think I might collect these books from Disney not just for their enlightening stories but also for their beauty.

My bookworm heart is happy. 🙂