Stickers on My Mind

I have discovered the YT channel of maidenmanila. It makes me want to journal/write letters. I used to write letters to my friends every summer in high school. I looked forward to those letters from friends and also, I was always excited to use my stationery sets. My Mom and I would also often go to Divisoria in Manila to buy stuff for our store and we used to go to this store which sold pretty but affordable stationery sets, which were unique and creative. Much like the stationery trend now.

Maidenmanila is just so artistic. Her design is not over-the-top which keeps me interested. Watching her do her designs makes me wish to have the same talent she has. I wondered if it was still possible to have an artistic talent or was it something that you are born with. Like, how does she get her ideas? Having ideas is one thing but having the skill to do calligraphy/lettering is another. I tried but I am not good. Maybe I need to practice more and use the right tools to do it beautifully. I want to make beautiful things, too.

Tools. She has lots of stamps, washi tapes, markers, sticker books and just thinking of buying them made me want to set aside this kind of hobby. I’m pretty sure, whatever she has, she didn’t buy in one go. It took time to accumulate those. But then again, I don’t know where to buy from here. How I wish I can go to Japan so I can get them. Tokyo is heaven for stationery lovers. 🙂

If you’re curious, her channel link is at and her Instagram is at

2 thoughts on “Stickers on My Mind

  1. Not into writing letters anymore but I used to send greeting cards for Christmas and Chinese New Year. With the pandemic, I hardly go out and I would avoid crowded places like the post offices…so I have not sent any for a while now.

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