Almost Like Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has been my favourite book of all time. It took me years to go back to reading again just because I have been busy with everything. A lot of things has happened. Pandemic has brought me back to my love for reading. Although this time, I am choosy with what I read. One thing I have learned in life is that I don’t need to read everything or to know about everything. It’s not good to be exposed to all the evils of this world. I know we should be aware that it could exist but knowing the full detail, staring it in the eye is not good. Maybe that’s why God has specifically told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree of good and evil. Anyway, after a few book vlogs, someone recommended the book by VE Schwab which is A Darker Shade of Magic. This is basically a story about 4 Londons. Gray London without magic, Red London with balanced magic, white London with dangerous magic, and black London consumed by magic that is believed to no longer exist.

I have finished the first book and I am currently reading the second one. So far, I am liking the second book as well.

After this series, I’m thinking of reading StarWars-like stories. Dune, maybe.