RK100 Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard arrived a week ago. I ordered this from Aliexpress and it took several weeks to arrive. When I first saw this on a vlog, I wanted to buy this right away but when i was finally decided to buy this, it was no longer available on Bangood so I had to look for this elsewhere. Good thing Aliexpress have them. But before buying this, I contemplated on just buying Keychron but they don’t have a white version of this layout so I stuck with this brand.

So far I am loving this layout. This, for me, is the perfect keyboard. I have all the keys I need and yet it is compact. My study desk is just small so I have to save space. I like that it has RGB, keycaps are shine through but I will be changing the keycaps once I receive the XDA keycaps I ordered online.

This keyboard is also wireless so I can use it with my phone and tablet. It is also plug ‘n play. It’s also compatible with Windows and MAC.

Switches available are red, brown and blue. I chose red because I don’t have one yet. So far, I likeit. They say that with the linear switches there is no “bump” but I haven’t really noticed the difference, although I have more typo errors with this keebs than with my Gamakay TK68. Maybe, I still have to get used to this layout. i also love the sound of this keyboard. It’s similar to the sound of brown switches. It’s thocky and not clicky.

As of now, this is my favorite keyboard to use.

So far, I am still waiting for another keyboard with yellow switches. I am also thinking about getting pink switches. But the one I am planning to save up for is the Qwerky S writer which is really expensive. I used to love clicky switches but it gets annoying especially when you’re trying to study or beating a deadline. Qwerky S also looks like a typewriter so it, being clicky, is I think forgiveable. 🙂

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