I finally give in and Joshua couldn’t do anything but agree. I ordered my second mechanical keyboard. Tactile switches. Aluminum body. Group buy. I still don’t fully know how everything works or how to custom built one or if I can ask it to be custom built. But the one I just ordered has everything I want in it–white in colour, full-sized, with RGB backlit and using brown switches. However, it has ABS keycaps which they say are of lower quality compared with the PBT caps, but the one I am currently using has ABS caps which are still nice. It’s not wireless though but that is alright. I can work with that. Reason why I got really into finding my ideal keyboard is because the clicky switch can be annoying especially when you are trying to beat a deadline and you are trying to think and all those clicks are in the background. However, brown/tactile switches still have a sound but at least they are a bit deeper than the green switches.

They say the keyboard I’ve ordered is a gateway to more luxurious keyboards; hopefully not.

After this, I don’t think I’d be that obsessed anymore with mechanical keyboards. But maybe the next one I’d be eyeing is the one in pink. Razer Quartz…hmmm too bad it’s in green switch if they have it in yellow/red switch then I’d be sold, then I would have already completed all kinds of switches (linear, clicky, tactile) 😉

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