I always feel like I’m living in a tent. My life is in boxes. Never bothered to unpack and always ready to go. It is really exhausting. Not being able to live to the fullest. Why make the effort when I will leave soon anyway? That has always been my thought. Been praying to God to finally be able to settle down in our own house. But it’s been years and I am still here in the same place. Frozen in fear. Unable to move. Daydreaming of just-in-case, I would often go to the home store and buy pretty/quality kitchen and dining stuff but because of how I think, I wouldn’t even use them.

It’s only recently, in one of my home store visit when I finally had the courage to open those boxes and start using them. My husband and I even bought a sofa, our own TV, and created a space for living. This is our home now even though we’re just renting. Tent or not, it’s time to unpack.