Pink Keebs

I finally found a website where I can buy a pink mechanical keyboard! Oh how did I get into this?! Mechanical keyboards are not really cheap.

I have always loved typewriters. It started when I was in 4th grade. I didn’t even know how to use them, no one really taught me. I can’t remember how I was able to insert a paper and typed. I used my two middle fingers in typing and from then on, I’ve been typing.

A few years ago, I tried to look online if I can still buy a typewriter but they are so much expensive now. Then I came across this mechanical keyboard that looks like a typewriter and even sounded like one. I wanted to buy it of course but when I looked at the price, I changed my mind. 🙂

I started watching study vlogs for motivation and some of the vloggers have mechanical keyboard. I like the sound of most of them, so I got curious so this led me to watch videos about mechanical keyboards. I bought my first mechanical keyboard but it was a linear one because the lady who assisted me didn’t know much about them. Then when I checked that shop’s website I found a keyboard with “clicky” switch and was on sale so I quickly called the store to ask if I can swap my keyboard to the other one and they allowed me so I got one that I really liked. However, I would have wanted it in white or pink, so I have been searching for one. But I don’t want to buy it on amazon. A quick google search led me to this website. So now I just have to get a go-signal from my husband which will take some time. 🙂