It’s been a while again.

It’s been really busy at work. Lots of changes. Goodbyes are hard. I try to think that change is part of life but it’s still sad when someone leaves.

Because of so many stuff at work, there is one thing I’ve learned from someone I work with. Make everything as neat as possible. Messy workplace, messy mind so being organized is the way to go.

I’ve always been multi-tasking. Everything I need to do are in places I can see so you can just imagine how messy it can be. But I realize that doing one task at a time is always the way to go. Moreover, the out of sight out of mind can always be “cured” with lists. With my line of work, lists are important.

So far, here are some things that I’ve been incorporating in my work:

  1. Use a calendar or diary to write down the task or to-do list for the day. Everything that hasn’t been done should be transferred on the next day or the next possible day.
  2. Put everything where it’s supposed to be, right away, as much as possible.
  3. Always write a note for endorsement.
  4. Sort out stuff right the first time
  5. As much as possible, follow a routine.
  6. Be open to new stuff, especially if it works better than how you are currently doing it.

What about you? How do you do things? How do you organize your work?

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