Hot Choco Season

It’s winter in this part of the world and so it’s time for hot choco.

My own version of hot choco

Ever since my chance encounter with Koko Black’s hot choco, my life has changed. I didn’t know then that there could be such a heavenly drink.

From then on, I’ve been on a quest to discover the very best hot chocolate. So what is a good hot chocolate?

1. It has to use a dark chocolate. Lighter than 70%.

2. Lactose free milk. Cow’s milk.

3. Not too thick. It’s not for dipping, it’s for drinking.

So far, for me, the best hot chocolate is Oliver Brown’s because it’s the right balance. It uses dark cocoa but it’s not too thick. It’s just right.

The only hassle is there is no place where I am in that makes hot dark chocolate. So I have to prepare my own.

I couldn’t really tolerate lactose that well so I had to look for an alternative. Good thing I find that Liddel’s Lactose Free Milk is really good and easy on my stomach.

I’m glad I was able to discover all these stuff on how to make a perfect cup of hot choco this winter. There is no need to turn on the heater because I can just have a hot cup of cocoa. Enjoyable and economical.