Further Studies

I’m trying again. A few years ago, I enrolled in postgrad study under my workplace university. I got a 100% scholarship. My employer was also very supportive of me and my officemates. However, I wasn’t able to finish it because I couldn’t continue on with my thesis.

A few years after that I enrolled in another short course that would add up services that I could offer with my profession. But it was overwhelming. I withdrew from the course. I paid that course in full but it wasn’t that expensive at that time.

Now, my friend talked me into enrolling again in a postgrad study. We got a some scholarship which is really good. The semester has started and my first quiz is due next week.

I am writing this post just to keep this site updated and to remind myself, so it can finally sink in that I am officially, a student (part-time) again.

Lifelong learning. Never stop learning. One of the many beauties of life.