Caterpillar and Flower

This is another old draft:

“But I love you…” said the caterpillar to the flower.
“Is that why you came into my life and ruin it?”, the flower retorted.
“No, I couldn’t help but come near you. Sorry if I ate your leaves. It’s my nature. I am born this way…” said the caterpillar.
“You ate my leaves and that destroys me little by little. Is this what you call love?,” she was crying feeling so alone and confused and betrayed.
“I’m sorry if this is not love for you,”the caterpillar was trying to be dramatic to convince the flower.

I don’t know why I wrote this in the past. But looking back now, it would have been connected to my relationship back then. I was struggling to move on from a relationship before. It took me 10 years to let go.

The point of this post is, sometimes we think that someone loves us. They would tell us that they love us. But that’s what they thought. The truth is, sometimes it’s not really love. Sometimes, it is just convenience or lack of confidence, or loneliness.

If staying in a relationship is destroying you in any way–your mind, body, soul, spirit then maybe it’s not love.

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