I am thankful for the Lord for:
1. Giving me Himself
2. Family
3. Job that keeps me fed
4. Friends who keep in touch
5. People who reach out for me
6. People whom I can’t help but love
7. People who keeps on loving me
8. People I have fun with

I am now 31. I don’t know

So this was a write up when I turned 31. The year was 2013. It was an interesting year. My life revolved around my internship, adjusting to a new country, and friends whom I considered my family.

Moving to a new country, away from my family, I finally understand how my other friends felt. Why they never left their unconventional relationships.

My life then was just in that box. I am trying to understand life inside that box. I forgot that there was life outside that box.

God knew how to take me out of that box, in my own little world. It was difficult. Change is always painful. But I was able to go through it.

With the lessons from that year, I had to look deeper within me. I had to find the strength, the voice that I so wanted to hear. I had to learn how to encourage myself–to believe in myself. Tying loose ends. Realising old and new dreams. Learning how to love myself more. Finally liking who I am.

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