My phone is broken.  That’s too bad because I can’t really take pictures.  Or I’m just lazy capturing moments 🙂

I went to Tamworth for easter.  It’s such a shame that Tamworth was my chosen destination when I had stayed there for almost two years.  So next year, I hope to spend my easter in another state.

I love long drive in good weather.  I’m getting better at estimating the speed of my car 🙂  I also had lots of driving experience in busy streets.  I was able to do reverse angle park and kerb side park.  I have stocks that are almost good for a year.

Best of all, I attended a worship service and the pastor mentioned about their missionary work in an isolated rural town which is 44 minutes away from the rural town I stay in.  So that’s good. 🙂  It’s a chance for me to serve God through this.  May God give me the grace to serve Him through helping this community.

I think it is God’s will that I attended that church instead of my usual church.  And the pastor was serious in connecting me with the key people in this rural town.  And some of the names he’s given me are familiar.  So this is further instruction from God.  I just hope everything goes well.

This is my season to live independently and to serve others.

May God be with me in every step of the way.  Amen.

6 thoughts on “Holiday

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