Security Food

I feel lost whenever I don’t know what carbohydrate to eat.  This makes me lose my focus.  Yes, I am overeating.  It is not good but I’ve done it.  And so I cooked my rice.  So I’m good for today and for tomorrow lunch.  I also bought a bread so I’m good for breakfast.  I realized, once I have my carbohydrates, then everything is set.  I’m not worried with my food at all.  But if there’s no carbohydrate, I get worried that I wouldn’t be satisfied thus causing me to overeat.  Eating carbohydrates doesn’t make me feel deprived.  I don’t really care about which protein to eat because any protein I buy can satisfy me.  So I can say that once I have my carbohydrates, I feel secure and that I can go on with my health endeavours.

Moreover, I’ve realized other things about food:

  • I realized that as much as I like to eat pancakes every now and then, it takes me a long time to cook one and I don’t like it when it’s deformed.  I’d rather eat a loaf bread with nutella or friend egg. 🙂
  • I also found out that sweet potato cannot be cooked on microwave. Potato could be cooked but not sweet potato.  So if I want sweet potato, I should boil it or maybe stir fry it but I haven’t done it yet so I would stick with boiling.
  • Unless I have half an hour, it’s best to cook sausage by dividing it in half.  This way the inside can be thoroughly cooked.
  • Big chicken is better cooked in pieces.  That means, cutting it in pieces, taking the bones out.  Big-boned chickens are yucky.
  • Most dishes become better with sauteed garlic and onions.

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