Teach Your Parents

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The Sweet Life

This has been on my mind yesterday.  I was crying and blaming myself.  I went to work with a headache and a jealous heart full of regrets.  My friend could not even help, instead his words added fuel to the fire.  I asked God for help.  I thought of calling my Mom and I asked God to give her wisdom on what to say to me to encourage me.

I was talking to her telling her my problems.  And just like everyone else, her words could not comfort me.  Then God gave me wisdom.  I taught my Mom how to bless me.

Supposed you are a christian and you know how to bless people, you have been taught to speak life.  Now pass on the information.  Teach your family how to bless one another.  It is not enough to be a good example, sometimes, if you can, teach them as…

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