Am I such a good person
That Love has found His way in my heart
I am weak and indifferent
And yet Love chooses me
To let go of someone just for the sake of his salvation
Trusting him to God Who could love him more than I could do for him
To forgive continuously despite getting hurt
To love again and again
For seeing the beauty of an individual
For bearing to go away just to try to make it here
For sticking to the plan
For not giving up against all odds
Knowing that without Love I could never make it at all
I did ask for the gift of speaking in tongues
But God wanted me to love instead
And this love will give me courage
To continue on
Although I walk in the valley of the shadow of death
I would continue on for God is with me
Thank You Lord for teaching me how to love
And for choosing to stay in my life

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