Move Forward

Move Forward! (from One Voice Ministries)

[Wednesday, August 28, 2013]

“Though the enemy would pursue you this day, keep moving forward, says the Lord. Don’t look at yesterday or analyze what the enemy did or even might do; just raise your rod of authority and move forward. And yes, you will come out on the other side!”

What a day!  It started with a thought.  See, I love perfumes but out of all the perfumes I have 2 specific scent that I really long for.  I could not buy them when I was in the Philippines because they were expensive for me.  So it remained a dream.  Now that I am here, I am supposed to somehow make my dream come true.  Until when will I put it off?  So I decided to buy the perfume.  Well, just to let you know I have decided this already last Monday night, but when I was about to buy it last Tuesday after the workshop, I could not find it–they said they no longer manufacture this particular scent.  I was heartbroken.

Then I remembered this chemist near my workplace which still sold this perfume.  And so I called them yesterday and decided to buy it this morning on my way to work.

One of my many dreams finally comes true.  It is me saying that no one can stop me from my destiny from now on.  I am destined to be great.  By God’s grace, I will be fulfilling my destiny.

Then something happened while  I bought my bread.  At work, something happened as well.  I wanted to go home and just cry.  But I could not that time because I had to work.  I had to be brave and move forward.

I could not really eat.  I felt like this is it–no more excuses.  This is the answer to my question.  But I believe that these things happen for my own good.  For whatever happens, God got this.  He knows and He is in control of my situation.

Then when I went back and something good happened.  The rod of authority has been raised.  It’s all for the better.  Today, I have seen how powerful God is.  He constantly defends me.

I also got my answer today.  The answer is no.  I have to move forward.  By God’s grace, I will.