Speak to the Potential in People

Start with thyself:

Dear Jas,

God has planned for you.  Even before you were born, He already loves you.  He made the earth for you, placed you in the loving care of two of the best parents in the world, in a country that suits you best–with that skin color and beauty and the body size that will forever puts you in balance–to make sure that you are always living healthy.

God has given you everything you need and puts you in position for you to be the best.  The only measure you have is how much you love God.

You are an encourager, so encourage as much people as you can.  You have been given the ability to say the words that can keep them going.  Do it to empower people.  And be generous.  Be generous in the kindness that you will show.  Honor everyone especially those whom God asks you to honor–parents, authority, other people.  Motivate others to live out their potential.  Choose to see the potential in others.  It is easy for you because you have been given that ability–the ability to see the strength of people.

Keep on reaching out to people–whatever color or race, whatever status they are in.  Be generous of yourself.  You are a great pharmacist.  A blessing to the profession.  Share your knowledge because they will benefit from it.  You are skilled–you do everything with flair and diligence.

You are a game-changer.  You change the culture for the better.  Come and bring encouragement to the table.  If you must leave, leave it a little better.

Walk and follow Jesus.  He is the answer to your prayers.

Start your ministry, right now.  Be honest at work, put your heart into it–love what you do.  Give it your best.  You have always been sincere.  Choose to see Jesus when you can’t find reason to be sincere.  When doing good things, go a little further–aim to serve others.  You’ve known how to be humble so you’ll know how to serve.

You don’t give up.  You always persevere.  You are patient.  You are kind.  You don’t boast because you know that you have nothing to boast about except the power that God has over your life.  You are generous.  You are a lady.  You are a princess.  You are a woman of excellence.  You are a woman of faith.  You are a woman of God.

You thrive and bloom even in pollution.  You are a gift to someone’s life.  You are a great friend to many, especially women who struggle with their insecurity.  Now is the time to be a great testimony to all the women who are single and waiting for someone to love them.  Show them that God is the only One they need to be complete.

You know how to love and you do love.

You are saved.

Lift others up.  Lead them to Jesus.  Introduce them to Him because He is the answer to their prayers.

Your endurance is superb.  You are resilient.  You always have a pure, innocent heart–always be your parents’ daughter. 🙂

You are a great mother to the people who need a great mother.  You are nourishing their soul by showing them how God treats you that is why you can treat them with kindness.

You will be a faithful wife who submits to the leadership of your husband.  A blessing to your husband.

You are a great sister–a sister who prays for the welfare of her siblings, who will give your best to help them have a great life.

You are a wonderful aunt–who leads your niece and nephew to God.

You are a great cousin who influences your whole clan.

You are a great teacher–they really learn what they need to learn from you.

You are joyful and peaceful.  You enjoy the constant presence of God in your life.

You are a missionary–you share the Gospel to everyone you know who would hear and listen.

You are a child of God.  Forgiven.  Protected.  Free.  Washed as white as snow.  Blessed.  Highly favored.  Loved.  Saved.

I believe in you.  I love you.




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