I don’t know much about dogs. But yesterday I encountered a miracle.

I was in a hurry escaping the church people because I don’t feel like talking to them.

Along the way I saw a white and orange bulldog with harness playing with the sidewalk plants on the other side. I thought to myself, he’s preoccupied. I gotta be quick before he sees me.

Before I knew it, a white small poodle was running and barking towards me. I was trying to shh him but he was not threatened. I had no umbrella to defend myself. I would have thrown the hot chocolate with me but then he suddenly ran away. Before I knew it, the bulldog came running towards the poodle to shh him. The poodle still wanted to chase me but the bulldog was there to shh him.

Wow!!! I was running away from the bulldog but it was the one who saved me.

I was running away from church but it was the one who is going to support me. God is still watching me.

This encounter is a reminder from God. That He has me in the palm of His hand. He is the One taking care of me protecting me.

I will not give up. God even if You do not change the situation, please change me. I refuse to believe what others say about me. I am going to God and I will listen to Him. God is too faithful not to grant me His promises. God is too loving to leave me alone.

God is good all the time!!!


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