I’m going through some processes right now.  It’s hard to say this–but there really is no shortcuts to these.

If you want a degree–study.

If you want to be good–work on your skill.

If you want to turn your enemy into friend–understand them.  Go above them.

Now the last one I’ve learned that to go above someone is to go deeper into yourself.  Find her reflection in yourself.  But to go deeper into yourself will only be harmless without feeling so down and discouraged is to look up to God.  Look up to God, who is He and how can you find Him in you.  Find God’s reflection in yourself first, only then will you be able to find your enemies’ reflections in yourself.  Then you can deal with them sincerely–you’ll be able to forgive them.  You’ll find that no matter what they say or do to you doesn’t and cannot and will not hurt you because you are above them–secure in the love and identity that God has given you.

In pain and difficulties, you’ll be refined.  It’s a process.

I’m inspired by Pastor Joey’s latest preaching about the joy that Paul the apostle had and through that he was able to preach the gospel into so many areas–particularly Rome.

Process takes time.  I just have to let myself go through this.  I will never give up unless God tells me to do so.  I will trust on God.  And in the process, I know that I will have joy and peace–and these for me are such treasures.  More than success and acknowledgement, I want joy and peace from God.

I went here alone and not knowing what’s gonna happen next trusting that God is with me that He will bless me here.  I don’t know the specific command why I have to be here but I know that when God blesses, He blesses not only me but others as well.

As a follower of Christ, I know what I should do–the great commission.  I want to take part in advancing God’s kingdom wherever I go in every possible way.  Several months have passed of focusing more on myself, I hope for the coming months, I will be able to do more for God for I love Him and I want to share Him with others.  I hope in the process I won’t only share Jesus with those I like but also with those who can be quite challenging.

One step of faith at a time.  By God’s grace. 🙂