The Broken Circle Breakdown

Can love conquer all?

I watched this movie last night because the synopsis said something about a love story.  I didn’t know that it was intense and deep.  At the end of the movie, there was sadness.  I could not shake off the feeling.  I went to church this morning but I still carried this.  So why was I affected so much by this movie?

People are imperfect creature.  Elise and Didier are both imperfect yet love found them and shared it and experienced it.  They fully embraced it.  It takes unselfishness to fully love someone.  We have to open ourselves to someone hoping not to be hurt and rejected.  When I say this, I think about my heart and how I am willing to love someone fully.  I know someone loves me and I love him but God said it’s wrong to be with him.  The relationship is not pleasing to him.  Fighting for him will always end up with us being separated.  Unless God blesses it, it cannot be.  There is someone He is showing me and I am willing to embrace that, too.  But God is not yet speaking to me.  Somehow I am still in the season of waiting.  But this someone He puts in my heart, loving him hurts so much I don’t want it.  It is selfish.  But I don’t know how to love him.  God how do You want me to love the people in my life?  Please teach me and give me the courage to do so.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Marriage is life.  Life is a mixture of good and bad.  So is marriage.  Here I am wanting to get married when I would be yoked with someone else–yoked for life.  Why do I want it again?  I look at them and I can see what I might have to go through.  It’s not going to be easy I know.  But I hope whoever God yokes me with, it’s going to be worth it.  Marriage is sticking together in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer.  Marriage is accepting your “co-yokee” for who they are.

Love should conquer all.  This broke my heart.  Because Elise could not conquer it she had given up.  Would I have done the same thing if faced with a similar situation?  But all through out the movie, I was thinking how they should have dealt with the situation.  If only God is at the center of their marriage.  The circle would never be broken.  The good thing is even though it ended badly for them, Didier stayed strong by playing music finally believing that there must have been an after life.