I was trying hard to erase the whiteboard marker on my whiteboard.  The ink dried out and now I couldn’t wipe it off.  I saw my perfume and thought there was alcohol in it and alcohol can dissolve ink.  I sprayed it.  It did dissolve it but it was hard.  Then a thought came to mind–an answer given in the form of water.  So I went to get a tissue wet with water.  I began wiping the board and the ink immediately came off. Wow!

I then realized, in life, we try to erase bad events, heart aches and other unwanted things in our lives with expensive stuff.  Although it would do enough, sometimes all we have to do is to turn to simple things.  Simple things like water.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips for $5 every thursday night at Family Hotel. 🙂

So I went there with my friends.  It was good 🙂  It could be a habit 🙂

After that, we went to meet a Singaporean family.  They were nice.  Their accent is fast with lots of lah’s typical of Chinese expression.  But I like how they speak to me.  People tend to ignore me just because I am quiet so I appreciate when people go out of their way to talk to me first. 🙂

It was a nice sweet evening. 🙂

Enjoy the moments you have with me for God tends to move me around.  Enjoy it like I am enjoying my moments with you. 🙂


My room is full of light, sunshine rushes in

My room is so bright.

2013-03-29 13.39.40


In the light of Your love God

It’s You and I

I want to go back to Your embrace

Your grace is enough for me. 🙂