And then he cried in front of me.

Giving.  He is so giving of himself that he can open up to me.  That is why I can open up to him, too.  That is why I am giving of myself with him.  In other words, I call this friendship.

But how can I be giving to people who attack me?  It’s human nature to build walls.  So it would not hurt as much.  God said to pray for those who persecute us.  God said to forgive those who wronged us.  As Christians, we are called to do these.  But I know, this is only possible with the help of God.  By His grace, we can be forgiving and giving of ourselves to everyone.  By our example, we will be the salt of the earth.  Our kindness and goodness will show that we are really from God.  Again, it’s only possible if we have God in our lives.

Love.  That is the source.  God is love.  We can be giving if we love one another.  Love comes from God.

God puts me here surrounded by all these beautiful people.  May God be able to use me to reach out to them.  May I successfully plant the seeds of faith.  Because having faith in God is the best thing that we can share with everyone.

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