I’ve been reading and listening lessons from David and how he is a man after God’s own heart.

Last night I prayed that if this is not the right time for God’s promise to be fulfilled, may I forget this promise first so I would not be impatient.

Waiting is hard. For me a thing has to end or not. It’s all or nothing. I don’t want to be left hanging.

Moreover, on Christmas eve I asked God for a sign. How foolish of me to ask Him that. Who am I to give the condition. I am not the one in charge right?

I decided to listen to Pastor Robert’s preaching on courtship. It speaks volume. But the main point that I could not deny is that I should not compromise my faith.

Do not yoke with unbelievers.

But for me it’s more of do not yoke with someone who does not love God.

A person who loves God will continue to seek God and follow His command. He will do everything he can to know God’s will by reading the bible, praying, fellowship with other believers. But it’s not even that. The best indicator that someone loves God is when someone cannot stop talking about God. Especially with others who also love God. God will always be their topic.

One time, a conversation with a frenemy led me to self-righteously judge some people that they are not Christian enough. They are not Christian enough because they shun away any invitation to talk about God before. But then God rebuked me saying who am I to say that they are not Christian enough. I was worse than them. So in this case who am I to say that this person does not love God? For all I know maybe he loves God more than I love God. And that maybe I have gotten it wrong all along.

Dear Lord, please correct my heart. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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