Date with God

It’s Valentine’s day.  Though it would be nice to spend this with the person I love, here I am single.  It’s like this last year but I went to church and then attended the VG later on.  There was expectation last year that somehow something good would happen–yeah something good did happen.  I spent it with my sisters in Christ. 🙂

I tried to suggest dinner with everyone on this day but they didn’t want it.  And so because I didn’t have plans I just thought that it would be a great time to spend it with God after all I’ve been acting like a zombie robot these past few days.  No time to think clearly and to assess my feelings and to think and spend time with God.

So far, I spent my night reading inspirational blogs from people who love God.

On this day, I don’t feel empty.  I feel alright.  Maybe it’s because God has filled me up.  In Him I am complete.  In Him, I am loved.  I feel so loved that I feel guilty for not showing enough care and for not giving enough time to those around me.

This morning I realized that more than good looks, I would love a guy who loves God more than anyone else.

On this day God surprised me with something.  Again, He is so kind to me.  Even without asking this time, He gave me a gift.  Grabe, God is really awesome! 🙂  So with that, I’ll end this post and resume my date with God. 🙂