On patience and waiting

I asked God for a message last nightbefore going to sleep. There was a 5 question thing on “How will you know” photo shared by Tin 🙂

I asked God what’s the answer to #5. Because I know it comes from God but I don’t know about the answer to number 5.

This morning I heard the podcast of Pastor Joey’s preaching on patience. So God is like saying, “Patience my daughter”. I should wait.

I just hope and pray that I will not go before God lest I commit the same mistake of Abraham and Sarah when they involved Hagai and Ismael on the promise.

I asked God why did He reveal to me His plans right now when I still have to wait for His promise.

Then the thought that I have to nurture this and to wait actively comes to mind. That love has to grow in me. Deciding to love even before. Unconditional love. God teaches me to love like He does. He is loving me even before I love Him.

God I trust in You.

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