Just Before

Moving in with a new housemate and unit is challenging.  I had to buy certain things that I usually get for free just because my former housemates already have them.

We used to boil water using an electric kettle but it’s a nuisance for me now because I don’t have my own kettle.  My housemate suggested that I buy my own Brita pitcher.  This afternoon, I went to the grocery to buy one.

2013-02-10 21.05.23


Now I can have clean water anytime. 🙂

I also had to buy a backpack since I would be going to Sydney several times this year for workshops and others.  I went to Kathmandu store and they were on sale until tomorrow.  I tried to look for a bag and I saw this 28L black bag which used to be $150.  I got it for $50. It was still expensive for me but it was a good deal. 🙂

Then I also bought new black shoes.  I need to wear black shoes for work and my very comfortable black shoes gave up on me.  I just happened to pass by Williams store and they were on sale.  Portland shoes for $30. 🙂

On another topic, the church I go to has this 21-day prayer and fasting.  They started today but I was not really aware of it until today and so I would just start tomorrow.  It’s 21 days and I can’t go on without any food because of my work.  That’s why I decided to try Daniel’s fast–which is like following Jewish diet minus the meat. 🙂

I know fasting should be about seeking God more and hopefully despite my busy schedule I would have proper quiet time because I need it more than ever but I would also be doing this for my health.  Hopefully, after 21 days I have developed the habit of eating healthy.

However, I had some food left.  So before I start my fast, I decided to eat the leftovers.

2013-02-10 21.13.14


Rice and corned beef heated using a teflon pan.  There is no microwave in this house.  I don’t plan to buy one so I would just have to heat my food using the stove and a pan. 🙂  Hey have you noticed my bowl–it’s cute right?  and so is the spoon but it’s not mine.  I’m too lazy to open my new spoon which is as long as that spoon.  🙂

I noticed that here in this suburb, people love pretty things.  Like I don’t get why they like all these intricate details but apparently this city has a lot of cafes/design shops.  They are cool actually.

Another cool thing I am looking forward this March–poetry reading!  Amateurs and professionals can read their own poems.  I would love to participate.  It’s every first saturday of the month at 12 noon at this certain cafe.  I forgot the name but I have an idea where this cafe is. 🙂

Tamworth is an interesting place. 🙂

Christian Thing

I told a friend about how God rebuked and convicted me after badmouthing someone to someone.

Friend said he deserved it so why should I feel guilty. But I said I felt bad.

He asked why and I answered that it was a christian thing.

Grace. It comes from God. How we can forgive others and love our enemies and pray for their welfare, only God can give us that. If we will rely on ourselves we will never be able to do this. But with God, our stubborn hearts can be transformed and molded. 🙂