I was walking on my way home when I saw someone driving his car with his shades on.  And it made me think about being cool. 🙂

I couldn’t say that he, the one I just saw is cool wearing his pilot shades, I think it’s kind of uncool.  Uncool because it looks like he’s trying hard to be cool which is uncool.  Gets?  For me he looks like a nerd!  Which is kinda cute 🙂

But he looks cool when he’s wearing white–when he’s not trying to be cool.

Cool people are those who are being themselves–those who don’t even know that they are cool 🙂  Just like my friend, she’s the coolest person I know.  That’s why people are drawn to her.  Another cool person I know is my brother because he’s weird. 🙂

And yes, the next cool person I know is my Mom.

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