I was walking on my way home when I saw someone driving his car with his shades on.  And it made me think about being cool. 🙂

I couldn’t say that he, the one I just saw is cool wearing his pilot shades, I think it’s kind of uncool.  Uncool because it looks like he’s trying hard to be cool which is uncool.  Gets?  For me he looks like a nerd!  Which is kinda cute 🙂

But he looks cool when he’s wearing white–when he’s not trying to be cool.

Cool people are those who are being themselves–those who don’t even know that they are cool 🙂  Just like my friend, she’s the coolest person I know.  That’s why people are drawn to her.  Another cool person I know is my brother because he’s weird. 🙂

And yes, the next cool person I know is my Mom.


I have indulged in these books.

At first I just bought this to confirm something in my life, but now that I have come to accept it, I have realized that this book is a great tool to get to know God more and deeper.  The focus of this book is not about myself but about God and how we can be excellent through our relationship with–through focusing on God alone. 🙂

2012-12-06 11.15.04


The next book is a devotional journal on encouragement for women.  It’s pink and perfect to give as a gift.

2012-12-06 11.15.23


I also did my Christmas shopping here.  Sorry guys I would only be giving gifts to my housemates here 🙂  Hope to give you gifts next year 🙂

Anyway, I was at Koorong and I talked again with this staff, I always converse with her when she’s there.  I asked her about the other churches here in this suburb and she gave me a list of all the churches in this area.  So I’d be church hopping for a while.  They are all similar to Victory Church.  I just need to find the church that I could really be a part of. 🙂

Also, I am thankful that my laptop is working perfectly, along with all my other gadgets that were soaked in water after the hailstorm last Monday.  Thank You God for protecting my things.